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Part 34: Allies - Fresh Tracks

Fresh Tracks
Fresh Tracks

With Stavros and the civilians secure, it is time to work on eliminating the Soviet Union's ability to produce atomic material.

-... ..- .. .-.. -.. .. -. --. / .-. ..- -. .-- .- -.-- ...

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Destroy all Soviet convoys before they can evacuate the area.

Briefing: Soviet activity in Siberia is increasing. A large shipment of atomic material is on its way through this area, and we need it stopped. Destroy all of the Soviet convoy trucks and prevent the Soviets from furthering their atomic testing. Be careful of the convoy truck cargo -- atomic material is highly unstable. The mission is complete when all the convoy trucks from each of the seven convoys have been destroyed.

Author's note: A tricky level, with at least one jerk move later on in it. That being said, it allows for creative use of the various... assets the Soviets leave behind.