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Part 44: Soviets - Nuclear Escalation

Nuclear Escalation
Nuclear Escalation

We have received word that the Allies have started developing an air-fuel bomb, and are testing it in your location. Stop the tests.

-.-. .-. .. - .. -.-. .- .-.. / -- --- ...- . -- . -. - ...

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Stop the Allied air-fuel bomb tests.

Briefing: The Allies are testing a new air-fuel bomb in this area. Terminate their tests. Destroy the Allied presence in the area, but be wary of their test-runs. The target coordinates for the tests are kept in their relay station in the western base. If you take control of the station, the location of the tests will be revealed to you. The runs themselves can be stopped by destroying the tech center in the northeast base. Do not fail us.

Author's note: This is basically a better "Legacy of Tesla" scenario, where the Allies have a dangerous air-deployed weapon that must be stopped, but without the 30 second timer that could end your mission at any moment.

Name: Gen. Topolov
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: General in the Soviet Forces
Voiced/Played by: Alan Charof

General Topolov wastes no time in detailing the Allied plans and what he expects of you. Also hates the Allied horonosfiere. Probably drunk on a regular basis, while on duty.


As an aside, that's it for Counterstrike! Next up will be the Aftermath expansion.