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Part 55: Allies - Time Flies

Time Flies
Time Flies

The next objective assigned to us by Gen. Carville is the prevention of a nuclear wasteland at the heart of the Britsh Isles -- London. To do so, you'll have to infiltrate the area with some Chronotanks, knock out the SAM sites and, with Tanya's help, clear an landing area for a MCV. Don't let the Soviets launch those nukes!

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Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Build a base in the area and prevent the Soviets from launching nukes at London.

Briefing: The Soviets are planning an A-bomb strike on London. Their silos are located on an island that has only one beach access point, which is guarded. We could air lift in units, but SAM sites on nearby islands prevent this. Our only option is the Chronotank. Use the tank's ability to chronoshift itself to destroy the radar domes that control the SAM sites. Once dealt with, Tanya will arrive to soften the large island's defenses. With power down, an MCV will arrive to help you destroy the missile site.

Author's note: A very well made mission with a steady progression. The only fault I can find is that you can cheese it with the first two units you're given and a spy. No matter, its another excellent addition to the expansion missions.