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Part 56: Allies - Absolute M.A.D.ness

Absolute M.A.D.ness
Absolute M.A.D.ness

Reports have been coming in of a new Soviet weapon called the M.A.D. tank. Not much about this weapon is known, aside from its ability to damage things within a wide area, so we'll need you to set up a base in the area they are currently being tested at, wipe out the means of production, and raze the base so that they cannot build more.

[This space left intentionally blank.]

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Destroy the M.A.D. tank's production facility and all examples of the deadly weapon!



Covert Order 24-H:

The Soviets are developing a new tank that sends shockwaves throughout the area, damaging everything around it. We must halt development of this weapon.

Direct your spy into all 3 Soviet Intel centers, which will reveal the location of the tank's remote control station. Once found, destroy it. This will stop production of the tanks, allowing you to destroy the facility.

The Soviet tanks are protected by the Iron Curtain -- be sure to destroy it.

Author's note: Possibly the toughest mission for the Allies in Aftermath, but not a wholly unpleasant gimmick. It puts you on a timer, of sorts, and will certainly require a restart or two.

Name: Gen. Carville
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Allied
Occupation: General in the Allied Forces
Voiced/Played by: Barry Corbin

Impressed with the Commander's work, he awards them with a field promotion to Sergeant. Cares more about results than offending others. Awards the commander with the Medal of Honor, and wants a private meeting at the Officer's Club Listens to recordings of gunfire and combat during work hours. Loves cigars. Enjoys the little things in life, like crumpets.