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Part 63: Soviets - Situation Critical

Situation Critical
Situation Critical

Blyat! Radicalists have infiltrated a biological weapons facility and are planning on using it in a foolish attempt to shorten the war. Disable the defenses to allow for Volkov to escort a scientist, disarm the weapon, and destroy the facility.

[This space left intentionally blank.]

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Neutralize the biological weapon and destroy the facility.

Briefing: A radical faction of our forces has stolen a biological weapon, threatening to use it on Allied emplacements. Since the weapon is highly unstable, it could destroy us all if released. The facility must be destroyed, but the weapon must be neutralized first. Destroy the island's defenses, then use Volkov to assist our scientist in reaching the bio-research center. If either are killed before the weapon is neutralized, the mission is a failure. Once the scientist completes his mission, destroy the base.

Author's note: A quick and dirty mission, but entertaining and light on difficulty. The only blemish here is the fact that, for whatever reason, my subs would not submerge. This wasn't an issue in the original game.