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Part 64: Soviets - Brothers In Arms

Brothers in Arms
Brothers in Arms

Word has reached us that a pair of prominent arms dealers may be playing both sides of the conflict. This is unacceptable. Spy on them to discover their true intentions, and report back to high command with your findings.

[This space left intentionally blank.]

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Discover the Arms Dealers' true intentions, and deal with them as necessary.

Briefing: The Molotov brothers, prominent arms dealers for our comrades in foreign lands, are suspected of having dealings with the Allies. Such an idea is preposterous, but the Molotov brothers have access to sensitive information, and we must know the truth of the matter. Use your spy to infiltrate the compound and observe the brothers activities. If they are indeed involved with the Allies, return to your drop-off point, signal for reinforcements, and deal with them as all traitors are. Kill them.

Author's note: I absolutely love the setup, but despised the way the scenario plays out. Its just so... Tiberian Dawn'ish in its layout that I vividly remember disliking it back in 1998/99.