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Part 76: Soviet Campaign Script #6

The END of the script


(Sequence 14)
Nadia studies a monitor. A blip (Einstein) moves across an electronic map.

Stalin stands over her as Nadia zooms out the map. Einstein clearly hides in England.

We’ll attack. Give me the coordinates.

Fool! England is a sleeping giant. We have a man inside. We can get our troops inside their base and destroy everything.

Can we rely on this mole?

General Stavros has fed us reliable information all along.

We don’t know their manpower. Their armament. Why waste our troops on a suicide mission? It’s common sense.

Stalin computes and smiles.

What does your common sense say?

Rather than risk our troops on an untried technology, we should proceed slowly.

Kukov indicates a map.

KUKOV (cont.)
Land here and build a base. With the Iron Curtain, we should be able to withstand any attack. Then we attack at our leisure. That way, we don’t put Stavros at risk.

Stalin considers. He motions Kukov to step aside and speaks to the PLAYER’S POV.

We will follow Nadia’s plan first. Once Stavros opens the door, follow him to the Chronosphere Control room. Then target it on our forces and teleport them inside the base. An electronic Trojan Horse! Once inside, we destroy the high command and watch their cause crumble.

Just make sure that Stavros survives.

(Mission 14, Send and Receive)
Sequence 14A (If Mission is won)
Soviet troops completely override the Allied base. Amidst smoldering ruins, the troops execute Allied officers.

Go to Mission 16

Sequence 14B (If Mission is lost)
Allied guards take Soviet troops and officers prisoner.

Go to Mission 15.

Sequence 15
Stalin, Nadia, Kukov and PLAYER’S POV stare at a situation map. Hundreds of destroyed Soviet units litter the surface.

We were tricked. The Chronosphere technology is a sham. Kukov, what was your idea again?

Comrade Nadia’s plan failed because we trusted a traitor. We were stuck behind enemy lines without recourse.

He turns to the PLAYER’S POV, pointing to a map when necessary.

KUKOV (cont.)
Remove all the Allies between us and the coasts. Then we launch a massive assault and claim England for Russia. That way we build a base here and use that as our beachhead. We can also keep Stavros alive.

Do it. But before you go, wear these.

Stalin shows the PLAYER’S POV two stars. He pins them below the POV.

STALIN (cont.)
Mother Russia is counting on you.

Sequence 15A (If Mission is won)
A white spiral zooms to fill the view. As it gets closer, the spinning newspaper’s front page clearly forms in Russian. The masthead reads PRAVDA.

The paper stops spinning and the headline melts from Russian into English.

“Soviet Army Conquers Imperialists In England!

Stalin Prepares For Moscow Attack!”

Sequence 15B (If Mission is lost)
A white spiral zooms to fill the view. As it gets closer, the spinning newspaper’s front page clearly forms in English. The masthead reads The New York Times.

The paper stops spinning and the headline reads:

“Global Defense Forces Smash Red Aggressors! March Into Moscow!”

Sequence 16
Nadia and Stalin sit at the conference table, looking at the PLAYER’S POV. Explosions erupt outside.

This is the final gasp of a dying beast. The Allies cannot do us any damage. You must keep Moscow invincible. Destroy all Allied forces.

This is my moment. Let Moscow’s streets run red with Allied blood.

(Mission 16 - At All Costs)
Sequence 16B (If Mission is lost)
It sits in a shambles. Bodies lay strewn about the room.

We see Stalin slumped over a table. A figure arises amidst the rubble. His dark Greek features seethe with anger. STAVROS speaks to the PLAYER’S POV.

We were so close...

A flashlight cuts across the rubble. A figure enters.

KUKOV, now in his Allied uniform crosses the room, Allied service pistol in hand.

Stavros recognizes him. He uses every bit of remaining strength to leap for Kukov. Exhausted, Stavros falls short.


I did what must be done.

He shoots Stavros dead. He turns the gun to the PLAYER’S POV.

KUKOV (cont.)
You earned this, comrade.

He pulls the trigger, and the PLAYER’S POV drips blood, until scarlet completely obscures the view.


Sequence 16 A (If Mission is won)
Stalin sits at a conference table with a bottle of Vodka. Nadia smiles at his side. Kukov stands behind them.

Well fought, Comrade. You have the heart and soul of a conqueror. Nostrovia!

He extends a glass across the table. The edge of a glass rises from the PLAYER’S POV. The glasses clink.

STALIN (cont.)
And now, Comrade, feast your eyes upon the new world order.

He turns to a monitor behind him. The screen flares into life.

A bomber, armed with Iron Curtain technology, flies over Europe. In a flash, the bomber appears off the coast of DC, teleported by the Chronosphere. As US units send up anti-aircraft fire, the Iron Curtain deflects the blasts.

The aircraft smashes though the rest of the US’s defenses. It drops a single bomb on Washington. A massive, ever-growing mushroom cloud fills the screen.

Stalin smiles and drains his glass. Nadia nuzzles him.

Kukov watches in horror, his tight fist twitching. He cannot stand the holocaust before his eyes.

He pulls a sidearm and levels it swiftly at Stalin’s head.

From the PLAYER’S POV, a pistol appears and guns Kukov down.

Nadia grins to the PLAYER’S POV.

Well done, comrade. You saved us the trouble.

With a becoming smile, she extends his hand, motioning for the PLAYER’S POV to hand her the gun. A gloved hand offers the weapon to Nadia.

She nods a thank you, examining the PLAYER’S weapon. She promptly shoots Stalin in the head. The monster collapses onto the table.

Nadia gives the gun back to the PLAYER’S POV as Kane appears behind her. Nadia looks at Kane, who nods approvingly.

Nadia kicks Stalin’s body out of his chair and takes his place in the seat of power. She speaks to the PLAYER’S POV, tracing a shape in the blood puddle left by Stalin.

NADIA (cont.)
You have come a long way, comrade. From field officer to Supreme Commander of the Soviet Union. They will wonder how you managed to assassinate and depose such a man of steel.

Nadia motions to the gun in the PLAYER’S gloved hand.

NADIA (cont.)
But the ballistics will prove it. Who would dare oppose the man who killed the immortal Stalin? The new leader of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Nadia’s bloody finger finishes her drawing in the blood. The black table underneath the red blood serves as backdrop for an ugly sketch of a scorpion’s tail.

She speaks with false modesty.

NADIA (cont.)
I could never lead a nation so powerful. Only you could ascend that mountain top...and up there you will stay...while NOD suckles at Mother Russia’s breast.

Kane moves to stand directly behind Nadia. He smiles to the PLAYER’S POV.

NADIA (cont.)
We estimate that the Brotherhood will eventually suck the USSR dry by...

Nadia looks over her shoulder to Kane. He nods.

NADIA (cont.)
The early 1990s.

In the blood, Nadia makes a geometric triangle around the scorpion’s tail -- completing the Brotherhood of NOD logo.

NADIA (cont.)
For centuries, the Brotherhood waited to emerge from the shadows. And soon, we will make ourselves known. Until then, you will keep the peace and remain useful...for the foreseeable future.

Nadia leans back in her chair, satisfied. Kane’s hands appear on her shoulders. She smiles.

With lightning speed, Kane’s hands grip the front and back of her skull. One hand pushes, while the other pulls. Nadia’s neck snaps like fresh celery.

She joins Stalin on the floor.

The PLAYER’S POV meets Kane’s gaze head on as he speaks for the only time.

KANE (to Nadia)
The foreseeable future?

I am the future...Comrade Chairman.

Kane smiles.


Notes: Both Kukov and Stavros are traitors, although it seems that Kukov`s motives are more about removing Stalin from power. His traitorous ways remain somewhat in the final product, what with his neglect at warning Stalin and the player of the 4th control center for the Chronosphere. What would Stavros have to gain by leaving the Allies? Premier of Greece, perhaps?

Speaking of, the detail that they would transport/teleport entire armies is interesting, but it remains a story detail, as the game only allows you to target one unit at a time, and one tank an army does not make (unless its a mammoth tank ). The last proposed mission in the script is missing entirely, probably because, with the acquisition of the Chronosphere by the Soviets, it would be hard to segue into the Allies landing a massive force to threaten Moscow... not to mention how useless that would be.

One has to wonder how an American audience would have taken Washington D.C. being nuked. Probably wouldn't have been a big deal, considering games like Doom and Fallout existed back then, and we previously were given the option to Ion Cannon the White House in Tiberian Dawn.

Kane's line is great.

Bonus: The Player is the one killed in the barrel sequence to every James Bond movie.