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Part 26: Purgatory, Part 2

News: The body of a schoolgirl was discovered in the plaza near the escalators at the southeast exit to Tokyo's Shinjuku Station...

Good morning, Naho. I wanted to talk to you about that Tenjin urban legend you found.

Music: Kibiki Residence

Huh. She's not here. Come to think of it, she did say she'd be going to school today...which is rather unlike her... As usual, everything's in perfect order in this room. Like night and day compared to my study!
Hmm? What's this? A note?

Thank you, Naho. But I really can't allow you to put yourself in danger like that. I know the escape plan. I'm going to go with trusty old Taguchi, and you're going to wait for us here. I guess I should write her a note to that effect...

Well, he's full of spirit today. Perfect, then! Let's not waste any more time...

You may recognize that scene as a direct retelling of the first game's Exchap 7, aside from the last two lines.

Music: None

But I knew where to find her. Work may have kept her out of school most of the time, but when she did come, there was one spot she always chose for lunch.

Music: All Together

We'd probably get in trouble if a teacher ever found us there, though!


There was a fence between the buildings to prevent students from falling. But it wasn't very high, so getting over it was a fairly simple task.

Oh, come on. You could at least try to be subtle about your panty shots, Corpse Party.


I crossed the gap, mindful of any stray gusts of wind. The best shade was on that side, so as long as I didn't look down, it was well worth the effort.

Aaand, there she is! Ohhh Naaahooo...?

As expected, she was nestled right into her usual spot. The sight was positively picturesque: a high school girl all tucked away on the school roof, nose buried in a book with a nondescript paper dust jacket. I swear you could just paint any moment of this girl's life and it would make a fine portrait.

Sayaka! Hey there! Sorry to have kept you out so late last night. Hope your family wasn't mad at you or anything!

Oho! Seems you've trained them well.
Heheh! What are you implying? ...So hey, that book from Mr. Kibiki you lent me yesterday? FREAKING. AWESOME.
Right? Didn't it just totally suck you in?! I love how it goes on and on with the psychological descriptions of the first murder scene. That protagonist is totally nutso!
Yeah. I wish I hadn't been reading it in bits and pieces during my work commute, though. Kinda took away from the tension! But I can't wait to read more.
Yeah, just keep at it! It's gonna blow your mind. ...Oh yeah, and that Twinkle CD you lent me? TO DIE FOR. Seriously.
Really? Awesome! I'll bet you recognized a bunch of those songs from the concert, right? You should check out some of their music videos sometime, too. Maybe I've got one on my phone that I can show you now... ...Nope, guess not. I'll have to give you a rain check on that.
I wonder if there are any good fan-made ones.
Ooh, good call! If there are, I totally wanna see!

Sound Effect: School Bell

*sigh* 1:00 already? Well, I've got an appointment I can't miss, I'm afraid. Guess I'll see you after school for recording! It's at 5:30 in east Shinjuku, so we should probably meet at 4 behind the school gate.

Really? What are you, five?!

I don't get this at all. Is "behind the gate" some sort of innuendo I've never heard or something?

The screen cuts to black, and our perspective shifts to Naho, moments after Sayaka has left.

Music: None

*cough* *cough* *cough*
Ugh... Blood? Really?! Is this curse...honestly affecting me all the way down to the cellular level? *cough *cough* Seriously, how long are you planning on haunting me?!

Music: Fun Times

So let's get pouring, shall we? ...You'll never guess where I went today. I went to schoooool! To meet up with a friend, actually. It was the first time in a while I could just kick back and relax. We talked forever. Like, FOR-E-VER! But...of course, the REAL reason I went was to learn stuff and junk! Of course. Tee hee!
Hmm? They're laughing at me in the control booth. What's going on in there, fellas? ...Huhh? "The thought of Miss Ooue actually going to school is hilarious"? Hey, come on! I go to school! I do! I'm a high school student just like everybody else my age!

*sigh* Some days you just can't win, you know? All I wanted to do was to say how great school is, and look what happened. I'm a laughing stock! Well, I'm glad you guys are having fun, at least. Let's enjoy our half-hour together tonight to the fullest. BRAVER!

Director: Okay, that wraps up the intro. Miss Saenoki, please head into the booth.

On my way.

It was my turn now as guest speaker. When I entered the recording booth, Sayaka sat facing her mic and waved me over.

Video: Sayaka Ooue's Love Braver

Heya, girlfriend!

I returned Sayaka's cheery smile and sat myself in front of the guest mic that had been prepared for me. But...something felt wrong. Very, very wrong.

Music: None

Hmm? What's the matter?

Well, the camera's on you now, so wear your cutest face, okay?
Roger that! *grin*

This child...was the daughter mentioned in my research on the Shinozaki family. This was Sachiko! She was the one who'd attached herself to me. Her eyes were black and hollow, with no discernible pupils at all. She sat utterly motionless, but I knew she was watching me, waiting...biding her time.

My hair stood on end. Blood rushed to my head and bile surged into my throat. The Shinozaki curse was far too powerful. I couldn't suppress it. And it was clear Sayaka couldn't see her. This was bad... I had to be careful not to let Sachiko interfere with the recording equipment.

Director: Okay, we're back. Start with the listener mail.

All right, folks, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. The topic of this week's 'Try to Do a Thing' workshop is...
...Oof, can I go home now, please? Hahaha... What do you mean no?! C'mon, be a sport! Heh... Guess there's nothing I can do about it. This week's topic is...that's right! Try to tell a scary story. Yikes!

Far too many to tackle by myself, soooooo...I've invited a guest to help me out. Ha-ha!

Sound Effect: Applause

Hey, hey, don't run the applause yet! I haven't even said who it is. Or has everyone already guessed? Because it's totally who you think it is!

Give it up for Naaaahoooo!
Good evening.
Thanks so much for coming!
No, thank you. It's an honor to have been invited.
Oho! How about that, everyone? So mellow! So modest! Isn't she just the bee's knees?! Naho and I actually go the same school. We're even in the same class! Isn't that right?
We hang out a lot, in fact. Some of you clearly knew that...and have been outright demanding that Naho make a guest appearance for quite some time now. Well, your wish is my command! My pleasure, in fact. I think I may even be more thrilled to have her here than you guys!

Tremble on the border between this life and the next...under my seven stars.
That's what I'm talkin' about! Those ghosties have got to be shivering in their ethereal booties after hearing something like that!
So, let's get right to the listener letters, shall we? Here's a scary story from one Junpei Nagi of M. City in Tokyo...

In my experience, adverse spiritual manifestations from my research had always been easy enough to keep at bay with my powers. But this one was different. For this energy to be completely visible in broad daylight... I'd never seen anything like it.

Video: Sayaka Ooue's Love Braver ends here.

Once again, our perspective shifts. This time back to Sayaka.

Music: Good Friends

I kind of grinned internally a bit at the sight of Naho acting all girly and scared. It was adorababble, as I like to say! But I still had a show to host...

Thunk! I slid open the door, and there before me I saw...

How about it, Naho? This has got to be fake, right? Mr. Mizuno of Kyoto is just...pulling our leg, right?!
He may be. But with only this evidence to go on, it's hard to judge the authenticity of the claim.
So what you're saying might actually be real?! Gyeeeeeh! Oh, no, pleeeease...! ...Actually, I've noticed something even more frightening since this segment began.

Ah! Uh... Well...

No, no, no, we're fine!

This seemed a perfect twist to up the tension of the segment, but the look on Naho's face suggested I may have been on to something...which was terrifying! Her guest spot on this show may have just been fun and games, but I knew Naho was well-versed in spiritual matters, so if she actually sensed something... I'd never really taken this ghost stuff too seriously before, but it might have just been because I didn't understand it. It was like a whole other world.

Unbeknownst to me, the time was coming when I'd finally start to treat it with the caution and respect it deserved...but by then, it would be too late.

Director: Great work, everyone! That's a wrap.

The girls exit the sound booth, and our perspective shifts back to Naho.

Music: None

Sayaka tossed a piece of chocolate into her mouth that she seemed to have brought with her. She was as casual and relaxed as can be.

So, out with it. Did you see something in the booth or not?
No. I didn't see anything.

I glanced back into the recording booth. Sachiko's spirit had disappeared a little while ago. I felt it was best to act as if nothing had happened, and successfully managed to steer the topic of conversation elsewhere...until...

Video: Technical Difficulties

Producer: Hmm?

What's wrong?

Engineer: Was someone talking out here during the recording?
Assistant A: No way would any of us make a rookie mistake like that.
Director: You wouldn't be able to hear us from inside the booth anyway.
Engineer: There's something on the tape, though. Sounds like a voice to me.
Assistant B: Huh? Where?
Engineer: Here. During this exchange.

He may be. But with only this evidence to go on...

Assistant B: I'm only hearing those two.
Engineer: You don't hear a third voice?

The Engineer plays the clip again.

Mr. Mizuno of Kyoto is just pulling our leg, right?!
He may be. But with only this evidence to go on...

Engineer: Right there. After Miss Saenoki says 'He may be.'

Mr. Mizuno of Kyoto is just pulling our leg, right?!
He may be. But with only this evidence to go on...

...pulling our leg, right?!
He may be. But with only this evidence to go on...

He may be. But with only...

Music: Signs of Possession (B)

You've got to be kidding me...

Engineer: It's in the recording, for sure.
Director: Aaahhh...
Assistant B: That's so creepy...
Assistant A: Is this for real?
Producer: An actual EVP?!

Music: None

Producer: Hey! What's going on?!
Director: Guuhhh...augh...! Ergh...!
Producer: Hey, what's the matter?! Pull yourself together!
Assistant B: Aaaaaaggghhh!

Director: Gaaaah...aughh!
Producer: Hold him down! He's gonna knock everything over and hurt himself!
Assistant A: Y-Yes, sir!
Director: Guhh...guah...

Assistant B: What was that? Some kind of seizure?
Producer: Oh, crap, he's not breathing!
Assistant A: What?!
Assistant B: God...!
Producer: Call an ambulance! Quickly! He needs CPR!
Assistant A: Okay!
Producer: Come on! Keep it together, man!
Assistant B: The hell's going on?!
Producer: Send the guest home! We're done!

Sayaka's usual smiling countenance had been replaced by a thin mouth and a cold sweat. There was no doubt about it... This was the influence of that spirit. This sort of thing must be a huge shock for someone who's never had contact with the spirit world before. I regretted appearing on the program at all.

Video: Technical Difficulties ends here.

We cut away, and switch perspectives yet again.

Music: Kind Words

Oh, don't be silly. You did great. They managed to resuscitate the director, too, at the hospital. And we can cut out the voice for the broadcast, but honestly, I say we leave it. I mean, it's kind of a lucky break, when you think about it! Ahahaha...
I'm really grateful for your help today. I owe you one, so if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know. Oh, and as for Quil Fait Non, how's next week sound?

I needed to put on a happy face myself, too. I was afraid if I seemed too gloomy, it would bring Naho down. And she hadn't done anything wrong. I had to let her know how grateful I was, and try to bring her spirits back up...

The two of us parted ways on a corner near our houses, as I needed to stop in at the convenience store for some groceries.

See you later. Thanks again!
You too. Good night!

Music: None

I had a considerable amount of power within me, and usually, it was more than enough to disperse any malicious wills that dared draw near. But even with all my concentration, I'd still put Sayaka and her coworkers in grave danger. They easily could've been killed by the curse.

For the sake of dear Kibiki's safety, we really should have put the kibosh on our entire investigation into the Shinozaki family line a lot sooner. But it wasn't too late to call it off, as far as I knew. I was going to pull out from the Heavenly Host Elementary case altogether. I'd made up my mind.

I should probably undergo a traditional spirit exorcism as soon as possible. Hmm...

It was past 9:30, so it had been dark out for hours already. Yet there wasn't a single light on in Kibiki's house.

No signs of life. Somehow, the whole house felt larger and emptier than ever before.

Music: Unrest (B)

...Kibiki? Are you sleeping?

I peeked into his study, but he wasn't there. Nor was he anywhere else. The house was deserted. Now, Kibiki's meetings for work were always held at irregular times, so this wasn't unprecedented or anything.

But the atmosphere inside just felt...different, somehow. There was this peculiar silence, as if no one had ever lived here in the first place.

Something just seemed very, very wrong. It was like someone was watching me... sneering at me...

Sound Effect: Item
I have no idea why this sound effect plays here.


Finally, I found a note on my desk. Not the one I'd left for Kibiki this morning, but a response, written in his familiar scrawl.