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Part 15: Chapter 3, Part 1

Video: Chapter 3 Intro

Who the hell was that, and why is he here?! If we got hit with a hammer like that...we'd be goners!
Where's Kurosaki...?! *sob* *sob*

We'll run into him any minute now. I'm sure of it.
*whine* I hate this... I hate this! I don't want to die like that!
You saw it too, right? Emi's body? Her head... Her head was split wide open!

This CG flashes on-screen for just a few frames.

Don't think about it. Please!

Music: Chapter 3 Intro

...? Ahh... Wha...? Look... Fukuroi, look! The hallway! It... It can't be... The corridor... It grew...
No, no, the other way! Look, down the hall!
Something's... Ack! Something's coming!

Sound Effect: Running


Sound Effect: Smash


Sound Effect: Thud

Sound Effect: Thud

Sound Effect: Thud

NOOOOOOO!! *whimper* *whimper* NOOOOOOOOO!! Hyaaah!!! No... No... NOOOOOOOO!!! *whimper*

Music: None
Background Sound: Rain

Mitsuki flees, and finds herself on a covered walkway.

*weep* *sniffle* *whimper* ...What's happening...

Mitsuki continues down the walkway, then turns and looks back at the door she came from.


Background Sound: None

Gihh me back my heahh...

Sound Effect: Ring

We answer the phone, and a creepy male voice comes from the speaker.

H e l p   m e . . .

H e l p   m e . . .

Followed by a woman's voice.

*: Answer me! Please!

Mom...? Mom! Mom! Mom, it's me! I'm in real trouble!

*: Naomi! Please, just let me hear your voice! *sob*


*: Please... Just say something! I'm your mom, Naomi! God, please...don't let anything have happened to her!

H e l p   m e . . .

H e l p   m e . . .


After listening to the creepy voice for 20 solid seconds, Naomi finally gets freaked out and tosses her phone down the stairs.

*pant* *pant* *pant* ...

Music: Discomfort

*weep* ...Seiko... I don't understand... You said we'd make it out of here...together... Why would you kill yourself?! What happened?! What...did you see...?

Wh-Who are you?
I'm the...spirit...of a girl who died here.
...Do you know what happened to her?

...With what?
The curse that holds this school together. Those who are touched by it slowly lose their minds to it. Some people realize this is happening, and go to great lengths to prevent it...even taking their own lives. Of course, others just go insane.

That's horrible...
Now that your friend has passed away...this school...this yours alone. You are its only living occupant.

Music: None

... (My cell phone...does have Seiko's number stored in it...and everybody else's, too...)

Naomi starts to descend the stairs.

Sound Effect: Crack


Naomi goes tumbling down the staircase.

Oh, God... It hurts! (That sound... Was leg...?!) Nng!

*gag* *spit* *retch*

I'm... I'm not "tough* at all! Seiko... *sob* Seeiikoo... I can't take any more of this! Somebody, please, help me! *deep sobbing* WAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAAAAAHH!!

Music: Chapter 3's Theme


Video: Chapter 3 Intro ends here.

You're doing great, Yuka. I'm really impressed how long you've gone without crying.
*hic* *hic* Uh-huh...
I'm...not crying... I'm not...

Nine in total. Nine poor souls pulled in at once.
That would be me and Yuka...Naomi...Yoshiki...Shinozaki...Ms. Yui...Shinohara...Suzumoto and Morishige... In other words, everybody in the room at the time.
So everybody in this school...too?
Not exactly. As I mentioned, this is a nexus of closed spaces. Your friends are scattered among them. So in essence, they are indeed all in this school...but it's not quite the same place for everyone. Meeting anyone else here may prove...difficult. If you should attempt to defy the will of this school to find them, you may ultimately invoke its wrath. And that's a avoided.

We appreciate the warning, but we have to try. We'll do whatever it takes to find everyone and get out of here.
Big brother...
They're all such good people... They've done nothing to deserve this! And I absolutely will not give up on them just because there's some nebulous curse that might strike back at me!
It's a rarity to find such righteous determination these days. Be sure you don't lose it along the way. Your desire not to let a person die... Try to retain that noble spirit, no matter what horrors may await. And even if you can't save may still be able to alter your fate for the better, even if only by the tiniest of margins... Just don't end us...

The spirit vanishes.

Hmm? What is it?
What did he mean by...the school's wrath?
I'm not sure...
Is he saying the school has a mind of its own or something...?
At any rate, we should try to find Ms. Yui and the others as soon as possible. And we need to get you home, too. If we come across a way out of here, I want you to take it.
There must be an entranceway, or an emergency exit, or roof access, or...something that leads outside. And if so, you're to go straight home, no "buts"! Capiche?

And so we're put into control of the Mochida siblings, and Chapter 3 begins.

I think this is the last time we have to listen to a spirit explain the concept of closed spaces, by the way. This game kind of has a bad habit of repeating the same information over and over again, I guess to establish that each group of characters knows how the school works.