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Part 14: Chapter 2, Wrong Endings

Chapter 2 - Wrong End 1

There are two ways to trigger the chapter 2's first wrong ending. We can either make eye contact with the ghost boy in the long classroom, or let him touch us during a chase. Looking at him in the classroom gets us a slightly longer scene, so we trigger it that way. The Power Stone will protect us from either of these actions, so you need to either never pick it up or get rid of it before triggering the ending.

Video: Chapter 2 - Wrong End 1

Music: Fear

Dammit... I looked...and now I can't look away! What the hell is up with his eyes?!


Music: None

Background Sound: Soft Hum

Shinozaki! Ms. Yui! Satoshi! Is anyone there? Man... Where the hell am I? Was I dreaming or something? ...I can't move?! Feels like...walls, all around me! Am I in a hole or something...?

Ulgh! *spit* What the...?! Who's...?!

*thunk* *shffffff*

Ooh, oolph! *spit* St-stop! (Dirt, and gravel...from above?)

*thunk* *shffffff*

Sto-op! ...The hell?! I'm alive down here! You planning to suffocate me?! *gurgle*

*thunk* *shffffff*

(My mouth is getting totally filled up... Ulck, blargh...)

*thunk* *shffffff*

*thunk* *shffffff*

(...I...c-can't breathe... Am I...going to die like this...? ...Why... Who would...? This...can't be...happening...)

*thunk* *shffffff*

(This isn't funny! Stop it! ...My eyes are really hurting!)

*thunk* *shffffff*


*thunk* *shffffff*

*thunk* *shffffff*

Background Sound: None

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 2 - Wrong End 1 ends here.

Chapter 2 - Wrong End 2

The second wrong end starts from the first time Ayumi freaks out. When she runs into the entranceway.

Instead of following her, we ignore her and proceed with the game. That means going to the second floor and using the nail puller, then operating the crank in the secret room.

And then we head back to the first floor and, still ignoring Ayumi, head into the long classroom and activate the crank in there.

Note that the ghost is still in here. He only follows you out of the room if you chase Ayumi into the entranceway.

Video: Chapter 2 - Wrong End 2

Kishinuma? Where are you?!
Don't leave me all by myself!

Sound Effect: Click

We hear the sound of the crank, and see a thin, glinting wire cross through Ayumi.


The bridge appears, and blood starts to leak from Ayumi's body.

Back in control of Yoshiki, we head down to center of the floor.

Music: Horror

Is that...Sh...Shinozaki?! Oaaaaaaghh!!! Wh-Why?! Noooooo!


Sound Effect: Crank

Please... Just end this... Why is this happening? What's the point of it all?! Why the hell do we have to be put through all this?! Why... Why did you have to die?! Is this someone's idea of a joke?! ...Ouuuuuaaaaaaagggggh... Shinozaki... Why do I...have to see you like this...? Why couldn't it...have been me instead?!

Sound Effect: Click




Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 2 - Wrong End 2 ends here.

Chapter 2 - Wrong End 3

While Ayumi is freaking out outside the lavatories, we need to go down the stairs. If you're holding the Power Stone, it will try and stop you.

...But man...I'm really scared of her right now... I wonder what did this to her...? ...

The same flashback with the gym teacher plays here.

Video: Chapter 2 - Wrong End 3

(And...I swore to myself, as soon as I realized we were trapped here...that I'd protect her, no matter what happens. This must be a see if I really meant that "no matter what happens" part!)

Ayumi screams and charges down the stairs at Yoshiki.


And she pushes him down the stairs.

(You've gotta be kidding me...!)

Sound Effect: Thud

*gag* *gurgle* *splutter* *spew*

*gasp* *choke*

Ayumi descends the stairs and stands over Yoshiki's writhing body.

As he convulsed and writhed in an over-growing puddle of his own blood and internal fluids, his vision hastily grew dark. The last thing he saw...

Ayumi was clearly very pleased with herself...

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 2 - Wrong End 3 ends here.

Chapter 2 - Wrong End 4

To trigger this wrong end, we have to read all of the Victim's Memoirs. Yes, in chapter 1 when you're warned not to read something, not reading it gives you a wrong ending. In chapter 2, reading the thing you're told not to read gets you a wrong ending.

As a quick refresher, here are the first four parts all in one place:

[Victim's Memoirs]

I ate my friend today.

What else was I supposed to do? I was starving. We both were. And there's no food here. So we decided, together, that one of us should try to live just a little bit longer. If I ever get home, I'm supposed to tell all the people waiting for us what happened. We left it all up to a game of paper-scissors-rock. Loser eats winner.

And I lost.

I felt her blood going down my throat, quenching my thirst. And her meat was supple and satisfying. But that blood and that meat was once my friend. Up until just a few hours before, I'd been talking with her. As I feasted, I just kept thinking, this food used to be a person. Before I tore it apart, it all worked together to sustain a life. And every time I thought about that, I just started crying...and I couldn't stop.

I wanted some part of her to be with me even after she died, so I decided to keep one of her eyeballs. And I thought I should write all of this down, to help preserve some small portion of my sanity.

[Victim's Memoirs]

I hold in the palm of my hand...a piece of a person's body. A piece of a person who was living and breathing only a short while ago. This body part used to be attached to her head. And now, I'm walking around the school with it.

I had no idea eyeballs were so heavy.

And I just keep squishing it in the palm of my hand, as if I'm testing its firmness. Squeeze, and release... Squeeze, and release...

[Victim's Memoirs]

I've been searching every last corner of this school building, trying to find a way of escaping with her. But it's not happening. No matter how much we struggle, only further misery awaits us. I'm so unbearably hungry that it feels like my stomach is eating itself... And every moment, it gets worse. It's like a big, black mass in front of me that's slowly closing in. I can't keep ignoring it.

I've started talking to the eyeball in my hand, to help stay focused and maintain my sanity.

Stop looking at me like that! I swear, I'll find us a way out of here! I have to make sure I tell your family what you did for me...

[Victim's Memoirs]

I am writing these memoris wit hsticky hansd but its not me that is stiky but somethng else I hope you re not mad about this maybe you will think im a horribl  e person but i got hungry again really hungry like i was about to DIE so i    i  did something i shouldn't have done.

I promised myself I would stay sane, and promised myself I wouldn't do what I did, and I am so, so sorry, really, really sorry, really sorry but there is no excuse for what I did.  With my bloody hands, I took the thing that I've been squishing, and I put it in my mouth and i   swallowed  it.   iateit.

Video: Chapter 2 - Wrong End 4
This video covers the remainder of the update.

if you are reading this

allow me to forewarn you

there is no hope of rescue

there is nothing to be gained

endless wandering and endless torture

is the nature of this place

i succumbed to my hunger and thirst

there is no flavor, no sensation

just meat and fluid to sate my empty belly

i promised i would not desecrate your body any more
      but i broke that promise


          forgive me

What did... *choke* *sputter*

*gag* *spit* What the hell...was in my mouth...?

Background Sound: Opressive Hum

Shinozaki! Shinozaki...! This is...definitely her...but WHY?!
Who the hell did this to you?! Aah!! Egh... Who was it?! ...I'll make them pay...


It's a yellowed school flyer, presumably taken off the wall somewhere along the way. A short message has been hastily scribbled in pen on the reverse side.

I'm going to be killed... I'm going to be eaten... He's chasing me... And I can't keep running... If anyone should find this paper...

*deep breathing*

...I urge you... Bring him to justice...

*gasp* *whimper*

The one who killed me for sustenance...

*whimper* *gasp* *chatter*

...My classmate...

Background Sound: None


*craaaack* *splutter*


Music: Wrong End