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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 13: Chapter 2, Part 6

Video: Infirmary
This video covers the entire update.

With the Penitent Spirit in hand, we rush back to save Mayu!

Music: Emergency

Haven't you ghosts done enough already?! I don't know about everything that happened to you...and yeah, I get that it was really horrible...but you're cursing and killing innocent people who had nothing to do with any of it! What the hell is that supposed to accomplish? Huh?!

Stop! If you make them mad, they'll shut us out!
...Come on, you two... I have something you need to hear, okay? Just listen!

*: ... Maa...eee...

Music: None

Background Sound: Wind

You can rest peacefully now, okay? You don't have to keep suffering. The horrible things that happened to you are all in the past. Your loved ones...
Your parents are waiting for you. Go to them now!

...Please? I know you can do it...
Let go of that girl. Let go of Suzumoto.

Sound Effect: Tone

Music: Fear

...?! No... Stop!

Music: None
Background Sound: None

The ghosts and Mayu crash through the infirmary door.

Sound: Splorch

Ayumi threw the antique doll to the ground in a fit of panic and frustration.

Ayumi screams and runs out of the room.

...Is she... No...

Yoshiki follows Ayumi out of the infirmary.

And heads north up the hallway.

Background Sound: Heartbeat

Wh-What...the hell...?!
*shiver* *tremble*
This isn't... It couldn't be... Suzu--

Background Sound: None

Music: Horror


Ayumi pushes past Yoshiki and runs down the hall.


Music: None


Sound Effect: Smash

Yoshiki collapses. As the man drags Yoshiki's body away, the screen fades to black...

(Wh...What...? The shelf feels like it's...gotten lighter...)

Sound Effect: Creak

OW! ...Ooh... *exhale* *pant* *pant*
So you're...really, truly concerned about the safety of your students, are you?
Of course I am!
But you're just their instructor, no? You have no familial bond with any of them. You're not their mother.
But they're my children!
I think I speak for every single one of us at Kisaragi Academy...when I say that we love our children... We care about them just as their parents do.

Music: End of Chapter 2

Now, answer me this! Your little rant earlier suggested that more of my students are here than the two I came with and the one I heard... Is it true? Were the others brought here as well?
It is. Numerous corporeal entities joined us in these closed spaces, all at the same time. Counting you...I sensed the arrival of nine people.

(And...all this blood...)
(All those cutting implements on the shelf must have done a number on my back... I wonder how long... I was out for...)

Shishido limps through the door.

Succumbing to unbearable feelings of anger and hatred, one victim drawn to harm another... It's not just people trapped in this space, but their sadness and torment as well. It's got nowhere to go, so it just hangs in these halls.
We shouldn't be here. I have to get them all back home.