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Part 26: Chapter 4, Part 3

Video: Hamster
This video covers the entire update.

Note: two name tags are collected in the text update but skipped in the video.

Sound Effect: Extend Retract

...but they sold me a hamster anyway! And it was only 540 yen!

Oh, nothing...
So what are we gonna do with it? Heh, look at how cute he is! You wanna take care of him?
Heh. You're kidding, right? That smelly thing?
Huh? So...what, then?
Something really special. Wait'll you see it... It's like nothing else.

Sound Effect: Extend

Wh-What? Are you stupid?! Why would you do that?!
Watch closely, now... Heheheh...

Eep! It's Kizami's sister!

Sound Effect: Retract


Yeah, but I didn't do anything yet. So I'm not wrong when I say "nothing," now, am I? (Stupid bitch...)
Are you for real?! You realize that no one likes a smartass, right?
You'd better cool that sass mouth, or you'll grow up to be even more of a good-for-nothing dirtbag than you already are.

*sigh* I swear, I don't know how he can put up with you.

If I had a little brother of my own, I'd love the shit out of him... I sure as hell wouldn't be like my goddamned holier-than-thou sister or my fucking retard of a brother. I'd listen to the little tyke, and respect him...

Music: Unstable

Yuka screams and runs out of the bathroom.

She then collapses against the wall.

*hic* *hic* *shudder*
What's the matter, Yuka?


Kizami heads into the bathroom.

Everything seems fine to me...


Wh-What the hell? Who did this?! ...Or...did it themselves...?

We step forward and check out a stall.

...That's quite a stench...

There are two name tags in this room, and they're super easy to miss.

Mari Rokuhara Age: 16
Shibagami Private Senior High School, Class 1-A

Attacked from behind while searching for friends.

Kotowe Kuroyama Age: 15
Hakuro #3 Junior High School, Class III-5

Hanged by unknown assailant.

There's no indication which stalls have name tags, and they all give the same message when you check them, so it's very easy to just check the first one or two and then leave.

There's a compact mirror here with sticky, bloody handprints all over it.

Seems like a pretty modern design, similar to what a lot of girls in my class use. After being trapped in here for awhile...I wonder how the owner's face must have looked the last time she took this thing out...

We head for the exit, but Kizami stops and turns to face the room again.

Music: None

A great many lives ended in this room...


Sound Effect: Thunder

Music: Unstable

Kizami steps closer to Yuka.

Well, then...heh...