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Part 28: Chapter 4, Part 5

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

After exiting the infirmary, we continue our exploration by heading to the north.

I can't...bring see Suzumoto like that again... I feel like...I'll lose my mind...

Ayumi doesn't want to see Mayu again (understandable), so we head back down to the first floor.

...! that coming from...? Sounds muffled, like one of those toy Micca doll telephones...but it's definitely close...

Antique Doll: *weep* *weep*

Now that she realizes what's causing the sound, Ayumi immediately stops caring and continues exploring.

At this point, you've been everywhere and have no hints on where to go, so you get to wander around for awhile until you stumble into the correct place to go next. It's not that bad though, since you can't get to the third floor or the second wing at all, so there aren't many places to check.

We head back up to the west side of floor 2 and head into classroom 2-A.

I guess the intended sequence is that you explore this way and trip and Ayumi's like "Hey, I should rest." so you go to the infirmary to rest in the bed. Then when you're done there you realize you never finished exploring the north end of the west hall.

Music: None

Video: Classroom 2-A


Those child spirits didn't give a crap about the killer's stupid repentance!
Give me back Suzumoto!! *hic* Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhnnnnnngg.....

Ah! Kishinuma!

You're the one to ask! What on Earth happened to you?! There's blood everywhere!
Heh... Well, soon as you turned that corner before, I got struck in the noggin from behind... ...Glk!...

Ayumi kneels down in front of Yoshiki.

The child spirits were there...along with some really big dude holding a hammer.
...How...did you get here, then?
Well, after a little while in that room, I lost consciousness again...and when I woke up, I was in the first floor hallway.
So...did somebody carry you there...? Either way, I'm just glad you're all right.
I don't know how much more of this I can take... I don't want anybody else to die!

Yoshiki stands up and faces Naho.

...then these closed spaces, given shape by their bound souls...should not be able to remain in existence.
We let them hear the killer's regrets, though...and it did nothing to help us! What kind of person are we dealing with here, anyway?!

Y-You serious?!
It seems he's got a violent streak even in death, as well. He harms the living indiscriminately. So your first order of business...should be to quell his wanton behavior.
And how are we supposed to do that?
Based on my mentor's research, that antique doll you've got in your hands should be a good place to start. It belonged to him in life. He was given it by his mother, and reportedly, he relies on it to keep his mind leveled and his heart in balance. I'm certain he must be looking for it...
Hold on a second... Who's this "mentor" of yours?

*gasp* (What's...happening?!)

The room continues to shake and a couple of light fixtures fall, before it comes to a stop.

Music: Unstable

They should be in this school building somewhere. And if you find them, and return the doll to their side...
...everything'll be juuuust fine!

*gasp* *pant* *pant*

And with that accusatory statement, Naho disappears.

Maybe not...but it's as good a place to start as any. Earlier, as I was passing through the first floor, the doll started, weeping, loudly.
Seriously...? Let me tell you, I sure didn't miss having that thing around...
Well, we might be able to use it like a tracking device. It could lead us right to the murderer's body!
...Either way... Let's just keep moving, okay?

Guy was a lousy aim, but he still hit my head full force with the handle. If he'd been more accurate, I'd be a goner for sure. Damned child killer...
*sigh* You're lucky I just happen to have some cloth bandages with me. I'll see what I can do about dressing that wound...
Part of your prop closet, I take it? Guess I should be thankful for your horror obsession after all... Heh...heheheh...

Video: Classroom 2-A ends here.

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

And now we're put back into control of Yoshiki. It's like chapter 2 all over again.

We exit the classroom and head back down to the first floor.

from   red   door
six   steps   horse
thirteen   paces   rooster


Okay, starting from the custodian's closet in the northeast corner of the first floor -- the only red door around -- we need to take six steps horse and thirteen rooster.

If you think back to the previous update, we read a book titled Circumnavigation in the Ancient World, which explained a process of assigning animals of the Chinese zodiac to a clock face and treating it as a compass. The Horse would be 6, or south, and the Rooster would be 9, or west.

We head this far south, and then work our way west. You don't really have to worry about the zodiac thing though, it's easy to figure out without any help. The directions obviously have to be north, east, west, or south because of how the game controls, and the only set of directions that doesn't bring you through a solid wall is six south, thirteen west.

Try to pull it out?



Music: None

With a bit of fidgeting, you were able to remove the item from its compartment. It's a small bag made of hemp and stained liberally with blood. There's a name tag attached to the front.

No way! I'm not touching that thing! YOU look!
Ulggh... I have a bad feeling about this...

Yoshiki drops the bag and jumps back.

See for yourself!

Ayumi picks up the bag and peers inside.

Eek! tag... It's...a boy's name... It must be...the ghost of the little boy... *gasp* *pant*
*cough* *hack* *choke*
*pant* *pant* *gulp* *pant*
What do we do with it? Ulgh, it's so nasty...

Huhh? You out of your mind?!

Sound Effect: Item

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

So now we're carrying around a hemp bag with a child's severed tongue inside. Despite having Ryou Yoshizawa's name tag on the front, he is not added to our name tag list.

The last place we saw the boy ghost was in the infirmary, so we head back that way.

We head upstairs and into the infirmary...

Video: Ryou Yoshizawa
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: None

Background Sound: Oppressive Hum

He's still here.

Well, let's hope Ayumi's assumption that this is the ghost of Ryou Yoshizawa is correct. We step forward and look into his eyes.

*: Oaaaaaaauuuuugghh...


*: ...!

That's right. I know your name!


Hurting strangers because of your own despair...pulling them into a horrible place like this...and killing them! You killed our dear friend!
I can never forgive you for that!
But...this is yours. It's part of your body. So...I'm going to give it back to you.

Handed over [Ryou's Tongue].

Background Sound: None

*: My tongue...

*gasp* *pant* *pant* *wheeze*

Wha?! What's going on?!