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Part 32: Chapter 4, Part 9

Background Sound: Rain

We've collected Tokiko Tsuji's tongue. Now we just need to find Tokiko Tsuji.

oh no a skull

so spooky

Background Sound: None

We head back into the school through the locker room.

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

Well, let's start searching for Tokiko Tsuji. Whoever that is.

Video: Tokiko Tsuji

Which one do we give it to?!



The one on the right, why not!

Background Sound: Loud Hum

Uwaaagh! She' no head above her chin!

Girl Spirit: *gurgle* *gurgle* *gurgle*


Pull out the tongue bag?



Girl Spirit: *gurgle* *gurgle* *gurgle*

(Please be the right one...) Tokiko...Tsuji!

This is yours, isn't it? ...I'm giving it back!

Offered the spirit [Tokiko's Tongue].

The headless ghost fades away.

Background Sound: None

The other ghost is headed this way. We have to run!

And the other ghost begins chasing us, so we run.

As far as I know, there's no in-game hint about which ghost is Tokiko. It's just a 50/50 guess. (Giving the tongue to the wrong ghost is a wrong end, of course.)

When we reach the end of the hall, we head east.

The ghost in the red dress appears and leads us into the stairwell.

Here we go again! Where the hell's it gonna take us this time?!

Antique Doll: *weep* *weep*

Music: None

right   under   her   globby   entrails

Music: Unrest

drip   drop   drip   drop

smelly   smelly   icky   icky

Sound Effect: Doll


Ayumi throws the doll to the ground and drops to her knees.


God, if that's where it is...I'm not sure...we can EVER bring ourselves to get it...

Music: None

Morishige! You're alive!
Ahh, Kishinuma. And our class rep! I'm very glad to see you both safe and sound.
*sob* *sob* *moan*
Hmm? What happened?
It's...a long story. So where have you been?

...and when I woke up here, it felt as if the air had somehow changed. Oh, yes, and I did briefly cross paths with Mochida and his sister.
Y-You did?! So they're okay too?!
They are. Though when I next ran into Mochida's sister, it seemed she and her brother had parted ways...
Uh, Morishige?


...just up these stairs.

Music: Uneasiness

Is it some kind of charm? Do you want it?

Morishige descends the stairs and approaches Yoshiki.

Sound Effect: Item

As with the others, there's a student ID name tag attached to the front.

Well, I should be going now. Is something wrong, class rep? You look like you've seen a ghost...

Morishige continues past Yoshiki and heads downstairs.


Music: None


Yoshiki kneels down and picks up the doll.

Maybe it shifted a few feet...and he got it from there. I mean, if he didn't, then...


Video: Tokiko Tsuji ends here.

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

Well, we've got Yuki Kanno's tongue. This school contains the ghosts of two more girls, so let's go find one and see if she's Yuki Kanno.

The eyeless ghost was over here before, so we start our search this way.

Video: Yuki Kanno
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Well, here goes nothing...

Music: None

Background Sound: Loud Hum

(This girl's missing an eye... All we've got is a tongue! Is that going to be enough? What do we do?!)

Pull out the tongue bag?



The girl lowers her head and begins rocking slowly back and forth.


This is for you. yours, isn't it?

Offered the spirit [Yuki's Tongue].

Girl Spirit: ...Hanhh you...

The spirit fades away.

Background Sound: None

We did it... We did it, Shinozaki! All three of them!

--NO! NO MORE! Every time I talk to these ghosts, I feel like I'm getting closer to death myself! Do you have any idea what that's like?! I keep picturing how I'll look when I'm dead...and I'm not even trying! It just pops into my head all on its own! And it's such a horrible image!

...and Mochida...

All right. Next one is mine, then, okay? So just try to pull yourself toge--- Whaa?!

The school starts to shake, and Yoshiki is knocked over.

Music: Emergency

Goddammit, not again! This one's big, too!

It cuts to the infirmary, where things are shaking and something crazy is going on with the journal on the desk.

And the shadow that attacked Naomi before appears, glowing bright red.

Music: None I...?