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Part 35: Chapter 4, Extra Ending

Music: Distress

After picking up Naomi's cell phone at the beginning of chapter 4, we head into the lavatory and discover her hanging in a stall.

(Wh-What do I do? What do I do?)

Find object to stand on
Try to hold her up

Satoshi rushes out of the restroom, searching for something to stand on.

We search around the third floor, but find nothing that could work as a foot stool. We quickly abandon this plan and return to Naomi's side.


Music: Unrest

I'm... I'!
(I...didn't...make it...)
No... No, it can't be...

(A good friend who'd been smiling and laughing with me in the classrom only a few hours earlier...was now dead, dangling limply from the ceiling in a dismal, dingy bathroom stall. The mere fact that this had actually occurred was more frightening to me than any ghost.)

Music: None

I think I just wanted to get out of get away from her body... I really think...I just wanted to pretend like it never happened.

(It's all a dream. It can't be real...)

But my compromised mental state couldn't hold me back for long. I know I had to face her again...

Music: Sadness

Naomi... I'm so sorry... I couldn' you...
It's... It's my fault... What do I do now...?

Satoshi looks into the stall beside Naomi's.

Dammit... Why? Why would you do this?!
Why do we have to die here?!


Satoshi leaves the lavatory.

Music: None

Dammit, I completely forgot... I left her all by herself! She went outside to pee in the woods by the outdoor walkway... Wait for me, Yuka! I'm coming!

And now we're back in control of Satoshi.

There are a few places where you can go wrong in that sequence of choices to save Naomi, but the end result is the same.

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

We pass through the second floor, and continue to the first.

Why... Why is there a wall here...? There was a whole other building... What the hell is going on?!


Music: None

I just kept on sitting, stewing in my misery. I couldn't even say how much time passed. But the silence was broken by a sudden rumbling. The entire building began to shake violently...

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

Dammit... ANOTHER earthquake?! You've gotta be kidding me!

Yuka... I swear I'll protect you. Please, wait for me. I'm going to find a way back into that other building if it kills me!

We head back upstairs.

And into the infirmary.

Video: Infirmary

Music: None

We approach the girl and greet her.

I-It's okay! Calm down! I'm a friend!
*pant* *wheeze*
A-Are you all right?
*sob* me... Help me, please!
(Her front tooth is missing...and it doesn't look like an accident...)
My, uh... My name is Mochida. I'm an 11th-grade student at a school called Kisaragi Academy. And you are?

Okay. And may I you got here?
There was... *hic* There was...this charm...from the internet...and we tried it... And all of us...were brought here...
A charm... Same as us, then.
They all...said we'd try to get out of here...together...but then...

...he pushed one of my friends down the stairs...he killed him...

I quickly as I could...
That's horrible...
*hic* ...Everyone... Everyone's going to go crazy in here!

O-Okay, I'll go... Just please, try to stay calm...

We can't get anything else out of Tohko, so we exit the infirmary.

Video: Infirmary ends here.

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

We head down to the first floor and head up to the north end.


Sound Effect: Item Shinohara's, isn't it...

Seiko seemed to have been in the middle of texting someone when she dropped her phone. The text entry window is still open. While confirming the phone's owner, Satoshi wound up inadvertently reading the whole thing.

Shinohara... (I'm sorry, Shinohara. I really didn't mean to...)

Now that we've picked up Seiko's phone, we head into the nearby classroom.

Someone else will have to lend me a hand...

Someone else, eh...?

Video: Tohko Kirisaki

Music: None

We head back to the infirmary and talk to Tohko again.


N-No, of course not! Get ahold of yourself! We just talked, remember?

*gasp* (She's got a pair of scissors!)

We hear a woman's voice call out Satoshi's name, and then...

Tohko charges across the room and plunges the scissors into Satoshi's chest.

(My God... I've been stabbed!)

(...But...I'm okay? How is that possible...?)

When Satoshi found Seiko's cell phone, he went to put it in his pants pocket, but Naomi's was already there, and there wasn't enough room for both.

And that just so happened to be the exact spot where Tohko's scissors stuck him. Seiko's cell phone had absorbed the brunt of the impact.

Shinohara... You..
A-Are you okay?

Where did you get these scissors, anyway?!

Satoshi threw the pair of scissors into the corner of the room.

Ahhhhh... Ahhhhhhh... Ahhhhhhhhhh...
(It's no use. She's too far gone for conversation...)

Satoshi leaves the infirmary.

Ms. Yui! I can't believe it! I was just thinking about you!

I feel so bad for Nakashima and Shinohara...
...but I'm just so grateful to see at the very least, you're still safe and sound!
Ms. Yui...
You've done very well. Now, come. We'll look for Yuka and the others...together...

*pant* *pant* I don't know how...but I made it out in one piece...

The classroom door slips and falls into the gap.


OW!! Oooooooh... This...really...hurts...
Right broken... Completely dislocated... Feels's clinging muscles and sinew alone... God, it hurts so much... Have to...UURGH!!...hold it together...with my hand...

Shishido drops to her knees, then stands and continues walking forward.

I'm find you...

Video: Tohko Kirisaki ends here.

I feel like...I've lost the will to teach...

I receive emails from their parents and guardians every single day. They say I'm a teacher who gets no results...that I'm useless...
Going over my head, straight to you? That's terrible... I'm the homeroom teacher here. I should be the one answering to them.
This is my fault for always going away on business trips and leaving you to fend off the wolves on your own. They must have given you hell. I'm so sorry.
No... I'm the assistant homeroom teacher. It's my duty to tend to the class in your absence. In fact, it's been my honor to have you entrust me with your students. matter what I say, every last student in class 2-9 makes a joke out of it. And if I react too strongly, they all start to talk back.
They must hate me by now!
But I don't blame the parents. The bottom line is what's important. It's all about results. And what I want, most of all, is for these kids to get good grades. For their own futures, if nothing else.

I want you to close your eyes and think back.
Huh? ...Think back to what?
Hahaha... To your students of course!
Every day, you give one-hundred ten percent for them. And you know as well as I do that some of them truly appreciate it. Any guesses which ones?
...You really think any of them care?

And Kishinuma, who almost never came to school at all last year, has been here at least four times each week since you started. Never thought I'd see the day... The students here have taken notice, and they appreciate you. Believe me, they don't hate you one bit!
But...even if that's true...I still don't get results.
I mean, they may like me, but if they don't get the grades to back it up, their parents never will.
And more importantly, if my students can't get good grades...then I've failed them as a teacher...

...and a student's ability to excel is indeed of the utmost importance...but the way I see it...the means through which you teach those students is just as important as the material they learn. In fact, it may even be more important!
We only get these children for three short years. During that time, one must wonder, did they enjoy their classes? Will they remember them as valuable, meaningful experiences? After all their worries, resolutions, life lessons and moments of personal growth...will they look back at these three years during graduation and say, "I really enjoyed this school"? Ensuring that they do is just as much a part of the teacher's job as the material she teaches.
And it's not just Shinozaki and Kishinuma.

Ahahahaha... She's got a real knack for hiding her true feelings, doesn't she?

As soon as you start asking yourself that question without even thinking about it...then you're a bona fide teacher, through and through. In fact...I'd even say once you reach that point, you've proven that education is your nature. Basically, that you were born to teach. And no one can take that honor away from you. So how about you reclaim what's rightfully yours, hmm?
Ahahahahahahahaha... It's remarkable how little you've changed from when you were a student here yourself. Whenever you had something on your mind, you'd always seek my guidance...with eyes wide and full of tears.
Eheh... You shouldn't strain yourself so much, Shishido. Enjoy what you do. You get to spend every precious day with a whole host of interesting youths.

Eheh...heheheh... *sniffle*
I'll get in contact with the parents and guardians, and try to set them straight. And tomorrow, or whenever you'd like, we can go over some lesson plans together, to help ensure we get these students to their graduation safe and sound!

Yamazaki heads for the door.


You bet. You know, that's another great feeling... Being able to pass the torch, and rely on one of your old students to keep your affairs in order.
Heh...heheheh... *sniffle*

Video: Thanks for everything, Teach.
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Background Sound: Soft Hum

...Huh? A dream...? I feel like...I've been dreaming for a long time...A terrible, ominous dream...where Nakashima and the others all lost their lives... I wonder...where I am...?


Don't you understand the gravity of the situation?! Go! Now!!

Now I remember... I got buried in rubble after that... ...Shinozaki... I hope you were able to get out safely...

As soon as you start asking yourself that question without even thinking about it...then you're a bona fide teacher, through and through.

...but it hasn't even been a year...
I...can't...move my body... Can't lower half... Everything below my neck...paralyzed......

I live...just a little longer...

Music: Sadness

Am I...crying? ...Haha... I'm almost dead...and here I am...crying... *sob*

...but I love Ms. Shishido! She feels almost like a big sister to me.

I was thinking of adopting this little guy, but I'm not sure how to go about it... Here, have a look...

I wasn't asking you.

Are you wearing it right now? It's hard to tell with those honkin' tracts of--

...I'll write you, once I get settled in at my new school. Not just now, but even after I grow up... I'll keep writing.
I just...want you to always be my teacher. Would that be okay?

Never seen you take a spill like that before.
You looked so forlorn... It was kind of cute! Hahaha...

Please...don't die... Forge a path for yourselves... Don't let your futures slip away...

Monet...I feel so alone... I'm scared......

A quick explanation of what just happened, since it's kind of hard to follow:

This is an alternate scenario that would happen if Satoshi failed to save Naomi. It's pretty much just a very long and detailed Wrong Ending, it doesn't mean anything as far as the main plot is concerned, aside from fleshing out Shishido's backstory a bit.

After Satoshi and Shishido meet, there's a couple of flashbacks. And then when it cuts back forward, it skips ahead. So sometime after her and Satoshi met up, something happened that put her under a pile of rubble.

It's a little disjointed and confusing when you're playing, but it feels like I made it even worse when I converted it to screenshots and text.