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Part 41: Chapter 5, Part 5

Satoshi and Naomi continue searching the second wing for Yuka, unaware that she's hanging out with Sachiko in the main building.

The door to the boy's lavatory is affixed to the wall like a decoration, so we head west.

Video: Phone

Aghh... What the...?!
What the hell is up with this building?! Everywhere you look, there's blood!

(Blood not pictured.)

It's...Morishige's cell phone!
"Video saved to memory"? What did he record...?

GAHAAAAAH!! *slam* AHAHAHAHA!! *slam* *slam* AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *slam* *slam*


Sound Effect: Slam, Shatter

No... God, please, no more of this...

We step forward and examine the phone.

Sound Effect: Item

Video: Phone ends here.

Gotta make sure to bring this with us. Wouldn't want all the effort Morishige poured into his photo collection to go to waste.

Music: Chapter 5 Annex

There's nothing to the immediate east of Morishige's phone, so we head up the stairs.

Eriya Seto Age: 17
Amazaki West Senior Private School, Class 2-4

Fell down stairs; died from spinal injuries.

We could have collected all of the second wing's name tags when we were controlling Yuka, but stopping every ten feet to examine corpses is a good way to get caught by Kizami.

If we continue up the stairs we find nothing but the locked door to the Principal's Office, so we head onto the second floor.

Also, for some reason it turned the spotlight effect off when I went up the stairs and then back down them. Pretty sure that's a bug.

We can't go into the ladies' room, so we continue east into the next room.

There's another note in this room as well, but it's a repeat of an old one. It's a notice from Principal Tamakine Yanagahori about the school's scheduled closure for November 18th, 1975.

We continue east into the east hall.

We can no longer access the accursed green goo.

I wonder where this person got the materials to build that barricade?

Disregarding that, we head south toward the art room.

There's a student ID name tag on the floor. It has small scraps of fabric stuck to the pin on the back, suggesting it was forcefully removed.

Kokuhaku Akaboji Age: 16
Misato Municipal Brotherhood High, Class 2-4

Consumed by curse; faded from existence.

Kokuhaku is the crazy person we met in the art room back in chapter 3. She's dead now.

Both the doors to the art room are locked. We head down the east stairs to the first floor.

Rio Kazane Age: 17
Musashigawa Girls' High School, Class II-3

Head completely smashed in with blunt instrument.

On the east end of the first floor, we head into the music room.

Music: Piano

Kaya Kizaki Age: 17
St. Maryanne University High School, Class 2-1

Comforted friend with smiles and optimism until dying breath. Eventually withered away.

Music: None

There's nothing else in the music room. Unlike our other visits here, however, the pianist quietly stops playing when we approach, rather than slamming the keys.

For some reason you have to check the piano twice to see this. So it's sort of like a secret hidden message or something!

...We exit the music room and head north.

Music: Chapter 5 Annex

Sunoku Tamura Age: 15
Aizome Junior High School, Class III-4

Door closed forcefully on neck; beheaded.

Hideki Tachibana Age: 18
Tendo Senior High School, Class III-B

Strangled to death by unknown assailant.

Another Corpse Party Zero character.

Mai Kumasaki Age: 14
Aizome Junior High School, Class II-2

Stabbed by child spirit with scissors; slowly slipped away into death.

After collecting these name tags, we head north to the end of the hallway.

Mio Kanaki Age: 14
Hakuro #3 Junior High School, Class II-2

Starved to death after desperate search for big brother.

The nearby door is locked. We head south and into the entranceway.

And there's nothing here. We loop all the way back around to the other side of the entranceway.

Yes, this entire trip through the building after collecting Morishige's phone was just a detour for name tags. We could have come in, grabbed it, and left immediately, but then we would have missed Kaya Kizaki's tag, and it's one of my favorites.

Alright, I guess we'd better go back to the main building. It looks like Yuka isn't in here anymore.


Music: None

Oh, thank God! Are you all right?! Are you hurt?!
Yuka! Don't be scared! It's me!

In the flesh. You're going to be all right, Yuka...
I'm so sorry. You must have been so scared all by yourself...

Big brother... Big brother!!
I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...

Thank God...


Yuka stands, and something falls to the ground.

I think you dropped something, Yuka. Is that...a tape...?
Uhh... I don't know. What is it?
When did you get it?
No idea. I've never seen it before.
That's a bit ominous...but, wait... It looks like...

Sound Effect: Item

Yeah, no doubt about it. The label says, "Kibiki Research Data 2." It's the followup... This might be our ticket out of here!
I sure hope so. What say we go find out right now? Come on, Yuka!

We head back to the main building with our new tape and party member.

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

Heading north will take us back to the custodian's closet, but first...

Yuuki Nishimiya Age: 17
St. Maryanne University High School, Class 2-1

Buried alive by spirit of little boy; suffocated.

Buried alive...and then dug back up and placed in the hallway?

While we're in the area, we head up to the second floor.

The second floor is very obviously different from how it used to be. There's an immediate fork, and we head west.

First we hit this crank.

Sound Effect: Crank

And that builds a bridge over on the west side, for Ayumi and Yoshiki to cross.

While we're here, we pass Mayu's remains and check out the nearby corpse.

Tohko Kirisaki Age: 17
Byakudan Senior High School, Class 2-4

Cut out own tongue with scissors and choked on it.

It's our buddy from Chapter 4's extra ending!

Continuing north from Tohko's body, we hit a dead end with an inaccessible crank.

After checking this note, we head back to the south.

The last thing on this floor is this weird wall with these two pedestals in front of it.

Probably not important.

We head back down to the first floor.

And we head up the looooooong hallway to the immediate north.

It leads us to the custodian's closet.

What information does the tape Yuka found contain? Could it possibly contain the method for escaping from Heavenly Host? You'll just have to wait and see...