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Part 43: Chapter 5, Part 7

Video: Science Lab

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

Back on the second floor, we head past this locked room where we found Kizami's name tag.

What the... Is that...blood...?

Sachiko appears!

And she opens the door and heads inside.

We follow, of course.

Music: None

That's kind of conspicuous...

Don't even joke about that!
Maybe I should...take a look under the sheet...
Don't you dare!
Just a quick peek from below. You'll feel better knowing it's not who we're thinking it is, won't you?

What is it?!
Scared the crap out of myself for nothing. ...It's just an anatomical model. Exactly the sort of thing you'd expect to find in a science lab.
*pant* *pant* *cough* *cough*
Ah, s-sorry... Guess I let my curiosity get the best of me.
It's fine, just please, don't do anything scary from here on out unless it's absolutely necessary, okay?
N-No problem.

We set about exploring the science lab.

Kazunari Takayanagi Age: 25
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class II-3

A popular fop of a teacher wearing a suit and spectacles complemented by a gentleman's cane. Abdomen hollowed out with knife; died of shock.

Kibiki, I'm so sorry... My readings were far too broad, and my interpretations of them overly naive. This place is not the simple plane of spirits I'd previously surmised it to be. If we don't get out of here a.s.a.p., we'll be in real danger.

I* ***** be qu*** ** **mp** ** ac*****. Doing so will me** ********* *** *alici*** **iri** that dw*** **** ** ***ock *** *ate that cu** ******* **e plan** ****, **** t* *** ***** ** **ow. ***** **** **chniq** ******* ********** ***s ********* *ould be unima******y dange****, ******* ** tel***g **** mi*** ******. I intend to continue my inve****ation until a more reliable method is found. Until then, please, PLEASE be safe...

More than anything. I want to feel you stroke my hair...

Well that was enlightening. Let's get out of here.

Music: Anatomical Model

...? H-Hey...
That...anatomical model...

Oh, shut up!

Ayumi pushes Yoshiki.

How many times do I have to tell you... *hic* Don't joke around like that! God! Why do you insist on scaring me at every turn?! Do you get a good laugh out of it?!
What?! I'm not trying to scare you, Shinozaki! I seriously think--
Don't even say it. Don't even think it! I hate you!
I hate you!!

The anatomical model approaches Ayumi from behind.


What a potty mouth!


Yoshiki drags Ayumi to him.

What...? ...What?!
Run! It's trying to kill us!

Of course, the door shuts and locks us in here with it.

We'll have to search the room for a key.


We have to deal with two pursuers here. It's actually really hard, because of how the room is laid out. The small spaces between the counters make it very easy to get stuck between the two of them with no escape route.

The anatomical model chases you, while Yoshikazu roams around at random. You don't want to let either of them catch you. Carefully avoiding the two of them, we make our way to the bottom right corner of the room.

Sound Effect: Item

That was simple enough.

We slip past the two of them once again and run through the door.

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

Video: Science Lab ends here.

And we're out! The door locks behind us, and neither Ayumi nor Yoshiki ever mention it again.

Of all the chase sequences in the game, this is the easiest to lose. Thankfully, it's also completely optional! If you don't check the anatomical model upon entering the room, you can slip in and read Naho's notes, and then leave. The door will never lock, Yoshikazu will never appear, and the model will never move if you don't examine it after entering the room.

After our brush with death, we head down this way.

And into classroom 1-A.

Video: Naho's Notes

Music: None

Sound Effect: Tone

(The pages are all blank.)

Nng, these papers... Just looking at them makes my head throb... It's like they're somehow filled with Naho's feelings have been projected onto them.

(The letters are just...appearing on these blank sheets of paper! It's like they're being written right now, in front of my eyes...)

I'll be with him again soon, after all...

I found you, Kibiki. I found the room you ran to. Wait for me.

I missed you. I'm going to hug you now.

Everything has gone dark. My body is a black mist.


Video: Naho's Notes ends here.

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

And with that, we leave the classroom.

We head past the science lab, and up the stairs.

After reading the note, we head into the nearby room.

Video: Reference Room
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: None


Naho. I'd like to share with you some information I've gathered.
You have my attention. What did you find?

The screen fades out, and Ayumi shares her findings with Naho.

Very interesting indeed. Thank you for providing me with this valuable data.
However, you've only solved half the mystery.

There's still a lot of ground left to cover before we've learned all there is to know about this school...
At any rate, there's someone I need to find. If you'll please excuse me...

Music: Unrest

But I've lost interest in what you have to say.

There's a bond of love between you. It's what keeps you going.
I would enjoy it so if more people like that came around for me to watch. It's...quite entertaining. *giggle* *giggle*

Music: None

...? Hmm? Now, why would that be? Weren't you a veritable fangirl of mine?
It's because of...THIS!

And what are the ruins of the Shinozaki estate?!

Herein I will detail the proper observance of Sachiko Shinozaki's charm, as well as a means of reversing its effects and returning home.

...! (Paydirt!)

The spell trigger is the phrase, "Sachiko, we beg of you."

It must be chanted once for each participant, then one additional time for Sachiko. Following this, the proxy doll is to be torn apart. (Should the proxy doll recovered from the ruins of the old Shinozaki estate be unavailable...a printed facsimile will suffice for the purposes of this ritual.)

If everything is performed as indicated, the spirit will pass by harmlessly, and nothing of note should occur. If any part of this ritual is performed incorrectly, however, then Sachiko herself will descend upon any viable spirit medium in the vicinity...and all present will be afflicted with her curse and spirited away to the sacred ground.

First, produce your remnant of the proxy doll...

Did you do it for him?! Your "beloved"?!
Your mentor, Mr. Kibiki? Were you trying to make sure he had a large sample size to study for his article?!

What the hell is so funny?!
You think you're so smart, huh? Well, you're go fish!
Go fish? What the hell does that mean?!
She's saying it's a lie.

You're shaking...
You can't tell me that you didn't have the slightest inkling...that it never crossed your mind something like this might happen!
How many people did your little whim send to a slow, painful death, huh?! You're the one who spread Sachiko's curse across the entire country! YOU!!
Don't you think I know that?
But Kibiki... My dear Kibiki smiles at me when I do right by him.

But you occult can all go rot in a corner, for all I care!
*gasp* *hic*

Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE! God, how could you?!
It's my duty to protect my dear mentor's job. ...And I won't let anyone get in my way!
Naho... You died here.
Do you remember what you were thinking when you died? What you were looking at?

That's the one moment I just can't recall, in fact. No matter how much I try, it won't come to me.

You really don't remember, do you? Your very last actions as a human being, after you lost all hope...but before you died...

Ayumi pulls out Naho's notes and shows them to her.


You took his life with your own bare hands!

Naho stumbles around the room.

Naho turns to us, covering her face.

Black mist begins to pour from Naho's mouth.

Naho flies into the air.

*sputter* *moan* *retch*

...And she's gone.

I'm sorry, that was really silly.

*sob* *gulp*
...You okay?

We approach the item left behind by Naho.

Sound Effect: Item

We also get a name tag for our trouble.

Naho Saenoki Age: 17
Paulownia Academy High School, Class 2-1

Succumbed to darkening, lost consciousness and faded away. Spirit lived on.