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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 44: Chapter 5, Part 8

Meanwhile, Satoshi and Naomi have been wandering around looking for Yuka. When they found her, she was holding another one of Kibiki's research tapes. The group has returned to the custodian's closet in order to view it on the TV inside.

Video: Kibiki Research Data 2
This video covers the entire update.

Everyone gathers around the TV.

Yuka, can I have that tape you found?

Yuka hands the tape to Satoshi.

All right... Here goes nothing.

Satoshi puts the tape into the camcorder.

I shouldn't be alone... I shouldn't be alone...

I can't just die... I can't lose hope... If anyone's watching this tape...there's a way out, and I'm going to tell you what it is right now.

I wish I'd never done it... I wish I'd never come here...How could you... How could you...?!

K I I I B I I I K I I I ! ! !
K I I I B I I I K I I I ! ! !
No... NOOOO!!


Yuka! Are you all right?!
Yeah... I'm okay. ...It missed me.
Whew... Glad to hear it.

The game doesn't make this obvious at all, but apparently the camcorder exploded into bits or something, and a piece whizzed past Yuka's head. That's what I'm guessing happened, at least.

Yeah. It was definitely taken in this room.

Come to think of it, we never looked in the closet, did we? We look inside after the game returns control to us.

Ullgh... God, that smell... Sad that I recognize it...

And the girl with him is wearing the same uniform as that spirit I saw...

What's wrong?


No, all the way back in the corner. Look closely. Isn't there, like...a gap in the wall?
Hmmmm...? Ah! There is! Holy crap... There's a whole other room back here!

I'm honestly not sure myself. I just...had a feeling.
Either way, we should take a closer look. Are you okay to keep going, Yuka?

I'll try.
It's so dark...
You all right? Here, take my hand.
Okay. Thank you, Naomi. You're very kind.
Oolgh, where are we?! It smells awful in here!

Is this...?
...a bathroom...?
There's a ladder.
Where does it lead, though?


Naomi climbs up the ladder without a single word.

Seems pretty flimsy. I don't think it would hold all of us. Yuka, since Naomi's up, you go next, all right?
Okay! ...Ah, wait...umm...
I'll...go last.
...? Ahh, I get it... But, will you be all right here by yourself until I finish climbing up?

Go first
Send Yuka ahead

All right. I'll head up first, and call down to you when I'm off the ladder. Then you come up right away, okay?

Satoshi climbs up the ladder, leaving Yuka behind.

Naomi...? Where'd you go?

Satoshi steps out of the bathroom stall, second from the left.

Is this...the girls' room? Why would there be a ladder leading to the girls' bathroom?!

That's right... (This is where Shinohara died...)
I can't take this anymore... I just can't! Seiko... Seiko's angry with me...

Naomi! No... No, you're wrong. It wasn't your fault, and it wasn't a suicide.
How can you possibly say that?! You weren't there, Satoshi! You didn't hear the things I said to her!

Satoshi steps forward and hands something to Naomi.

Just before she died, she was really worried about you. She never actually sent it...but she dropped this while she was writing a text message...and I think you should read it.

So how the hell are ya babe!! ^_^
sorry about earlier - sadface!
i apologized though
so you have to forgive me now!
if you dont ill email you a bea-utiful crotch shot
---so watch out ;)
lets get the hell out of this dump together
hand in hand :3
until we meet again...
youd better get it on with your darling mochi
---or else!
ill be waiting for you by the entranceway
we can kiss & make up
ooh la la

Seiko... SEEEIKOOO!! *sob* Seiko...
I was planning to wait until a little more time had passed before showing this to you... I'm sorry.


You feeling a little better now?
I think so. Sorry about that...
We're going to get out of this school, no matter what it takes. That's what Seiko would've wanted.

Another tape, huh... The camera broke on the last one, though, so I don't think we can watch it.
But we should still take it with us. Nice find, Yuka.

Sound Effect: Item

At any rate, we know how to get out of here now. We know how to reverse Sachiko's charm. Our first priority at this point should be to reconvene with Shinozaki, Yoshiki and -- hopefully -- Ms. Yui.
Yeah. You still have your paper doll scrap, right, Satoshi?
Yep, got it
I have mine, too!
Good job hanging on to it. Don't lose it now, okay? ...How about you?
Oh yeah, I've got mine...

Where did I put it?! My student ID is missing...and my paper scrap is in it!
Calm down, Naomi. We'll find it. We just have to keep our eyes open.
O-Okay, but... I swear, I...I definitely...definitely had it in my skirt pocket. I remember it clearly! I showed it to Seiko and everything,'s gone! It's just...gone!

If we can't find it...then...I can't go home...
There's no need to worry. You had it earlier, right? It must be somewhere in here. I'm sure we'll find it along the way.
But...what if we don't?!

You definitely don't need to worry about that. I would never leave this place without you.
I'll be here with you until the bitter end. We're going to find it.
*hic* *sob*
...I...I will too!
I'll stay here with big brother...and with you. Even if I have to stay here fore--... umm...

You don't need to worry about me. If it comes down to it, you should leave here...with Satoshi.
Mm... Okay then. I'm going to go find my student ID. It's my problem, after all.

Naomi turns around and starts to leave.