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Part 65: Exchap 7

Exchap 7 is unlocked when you obtain chapter 5's sixth wrong ending.

Music: Friends

I wanted to talk to you about that Tenjin urban legend you found.

I love how shitty this Exchap looks. The door is gigantic and doesn't fit in the doorway, the south wall looks like it's not attached to the other walls correctly, and Kibiki's sprite looks like it was ripped from a black background and some bits of black got stuck to his edges.

Kibiki approaches the desk.

"To my dear mentor.
For you, I'll go to any lengths!

Based on my findings from old Tenjin town records, I feel more confident that it IS possible to return from the school using the escape plan we discussed. But you and Taguchi don't have the ability to resist spirits like I do. It would be far too dangerous in there for just the two of you.

So when I get home from school today, I'll be joining you in performing the charm of Sachiko Shinozaki. I don't hold out much hope for our success, but if it're seriously going to get the scoop to end all scoops.

If I can help make lightning strike a third time for you with your editorial department...then you totally owe me dinner. -Naho"

Thank you, Naho. But I really can't allow you to put yourself in danger like that. I know the escape plan. I'm going to go with trusty old Taguchi, and you're going to wait for us here.