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Part 67: Exchap 9

Exchap 9 is unlocked when you've seen exchap 6's ending.

Music: Friends

Can't seem to muster up much of a voice today. I'm just not projecting. I should probably skip theater club and go straight home...

Morishige heads for the classroom's door.

(Pretty sure I left my cell phone in my desk before gym class...)

Yoshiki enters the classroom.

U-Uhhh... I'm really sorry.
Honestly, you're always in such a rush. You need to slow yourself down every now and again.
Urgh... I have no idea where my glasses went...
Y-Your glasses? Here, I'll help you find them.

Just be careful you don't step o--

Sound Effect: Crunch


I...uh...umm...I'm so sorry! I swear, I'll reimburse you as soon as I get paid!
Ugh... No, it's fine. I've got an old pair at home. do?

Huh? But...I have a job! Plus, I have no idea where you live...
I'll direct you. And you can call ahead and tell your employer that you'll be late this evening.
*sigh* Well, I guess it is my fault. Come on, I'll help you up.

Yoshiki pulls Morishige to his feet, and Morishige stands by his side.

What other choice do I have? I can't see, remember? If I don't stay right by your side, I won't know where I'm walking.
That doesn't mean you have to freakin' feel me up! It's...weird! I can feel your body heat!
Don't worry, it's just as uncomfortable for me. Put it out of your mind and focus on not bumping into anything, please.
All right, all right!
...There's no need to repeat yourself.

Yoshiki leads Morishige out of the classroom.

And they start working their way down the hall.

Hmm? Hey, Shig, bro, izzat you? ...Wait...

Mayu runs back the way she came.

Watch your step, dumbass.
You're my eyes, remember?!

The more I see Mayu talk, the more I think "Shig, bro" is a localization choice, rather a translation mistake that slips in once in awhile, as I first assumed.