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Part 3: Fitch

Chapter 3: Fitch

So we are going to get a new toy here. Also some good economic strategy there in the last paragraph, which I pretty much covered in our last world, Taurus.

There's definitely another step up in opposition here. Five emitters, spread out along the top. They're on low ground, and some blocks are in place as well. The way the heights encircle the 'harbor' in the middle section of things is crucial. We have no connected collectors, so we start at minimal energy here for the first time as well -- but there are a few sets of a couple scattered around. Connecting to those will give us a jumpstart.

So naturally I make that my first order of business; this is 40 seconds later.

Not long after, I'm hooked up to most of the collectors, about to gain the services of the others, and Energy Storage becomes the fourth building in our toolbox.

No real new information here. I find it's useful to build up about 3-4 of these. At 20 Energy each, that will improve the amount we can store from 20 to 80-100. They cost 20 Energy each, so the same as a Relay or two Collectors, and less than a Blaster.

Put them up a bit early here. Generally the best time is when you've reached the point where you don't need all of your energy for the available places you can build collectors. That means it's almost time to transition to combating the Creeper, and having extra energy stored can help bring weapons online and up to their ammunition needs quickly. Also, if you can't use all the energy at that point, it's wasted if not invested in something. So here I could either start getting some Blasters built or go with the Storage. The Creeper is making it's way into the harbor, but it's not in range yet.

Next step is to queue up more collectors on the ridges that nearly ring the harbor(also added a third Storage just because). Once those are in place, I get some Blasters going. A very thematic Creeper World buildup; first maximize the economic benefit of all safe territory, then switch to a fighting stance. Here, even though I've got four Blasters queued up at once, I probably should have at least a couple more; energy is high and I'm not using it all.

Shortly afterwards, a couple of them come online and I place two more. As the Creeper is pushed back, the Blasters are moved into the harbor itself, as well as some collectors where it's safe. It's not coming anywhere near fast enough to stop us with the amount of Energy I have coming in now; collection's nearly at 7 and still rising.

I soon split my Blasters, three in the harbor and three on the northern ridges where they can fire constantly at the larger mass of creeper. Soon it is over.

This was a well-played world. The peaks-and-valleys of the white(energy usage) display are typical, but it pretty much tracks with the supply. As mentioned, I should have built a couple more blasters for about the second half but that's about it. Once they started opening up, the expanding coverage of the creeper dropped like a rock and victory was assured.

I'd like to say they'll all be like this, and the march of humanity will never be threatened. I'd be a liar though.