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Part 9: Crux

Chapter 9: Crux

Haven't heard OPS this positive in some time.

It does appear that there are plenty of high elevations to strike from. Also, while it's not as extreme a situation as Draco, we're on high ground and the creeper is on the low. That's always good. I've decided to make the Doom Timer a regular feature; that's the time it takes you to have Odin Cit destroyed if you do nothing. Gives a good frame of reference for difficulty IMO.

Crux Doom Timer: 36:14

That's a long time. Let's just say I grabbed all the screens and did the writeup for this update, and was still waiting on it to finish.

After filling in the plateau I'm on, we made eastward for the one in the southeast as a platform to start attacking from. Note the suboptimal energy management: I should be expanding collectors a bit more in the west while I do this -- the long string to the east can only build one at a time.

It isn't too long before I start doing that though, and I get up a Blaster comfortably in time as the creeper advances into the valley. Light hostilities commence here. A decent metric to watch as we go through is how much energy I get before starting the fight. 2.3 here -- I should be closer to 3.

I put too much effort into getting speed/storage going, and this recently-finished mortar has to retreat to survive as the Creeper spills over onto this ridge, cutting off our collector network. Not my finest moment, but a temporary problem. Two collectors had already bit the dust here, and another would follow. Once operational though, the Mortar made short work of that threat:

After just two salvos, the situation had been rectified and the ridgeline cleared.

After retaking the territory, I hemmed and hawed for far too long before just deciding to screw it and build more blasters. There are plenty of good options to continue the attack here, but that was enough to cut off the passage into the valley.

Could have been more aggressive here, but I played it safe and decided to paper the valley with collectors while relocating Odin City forward. Also got the Mortar destroyed foolishly in the process, but it was easily replaced. Just a matter of how long I wanted to play this out really.

Getting a Mortar to this position, where it can bombard the lowest Creeper pool as it has begun to do here, is the nail in the coffin. From here it can ensure that the mop-up is routine.

Although it was highly unnecessary, I covered almost the whole map in collectors before wrapping up. A few mistakes were made, but OPS was correct: this was a very low-risk map.

The end of the second leg is upon us.