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Part 137: Solar System Shakeup & Up and Over

Solar System Shakeup & Up and Over


Quite a 'long' horizontal planet here. Hilariously, the place most natural to start is quite literally on the sun, far west on this strip.

I did so, but I didn't notice the possiblity of Saturn. It has an AC emitter, which is not strong enough to hold off the weight of everything else. When I realized this I moved a Command Node out there - but to make a long story boring it was too late and took too long to get there. I think it's quite possible to have a second outpost here if you act quickly enough, and it would be an interesting way to play this.

Eventually I ended up with this setup and started planet-hopping my way through the first few small ones, each of which has slowly increasing emitter strength and creeper depth limit. 5 for the first one, 10 for the second - they were fairly easy to subdue.

The first band of digitalis surrounds what I assume is Mars, and said nemesis connects it to the rest of the solar system so it gets some reinforcement, making things a bit more complicated. Took a few tries to get this landing right, but the AC definitely helps.

Getting to Jupiter itself proved particularly problematic. Runners, digitalis, creeper are all involved and there's only so much room on Mars. Here's what I eventually went with; a guppy landing, that Digitalis Cannon is just close enough to protect the SuperMortar, SuperSniper on Earth, and as much AC as I could get into range. I also have a few Berthas back on the Sun helping clear the landing area. Figuring all that out and getting it done took a good 10 minutes, maybe 15. An AE Tower covers most of the red planet, but not all of it.

Then it's on to Saturn, where our friendly emitter was almost completely surrounded by this time.

Neptune and Uranus, which has a flat eastern side because reasons, are an exercise in digitalis combat. Took a bit to get started but lots of Sprayers and even more digitalis cannons combined to push it back quite effectively.

Quite a symmetrical square setup, and the only place to start is on the low ground surrounding the mountain. It's pretty quickly apparent that this is one in which I need to move quickly - or die quickly.

I went with lower-right first, because of the Aether resource site - there's one for energy in each quadrant. The Mortars are very helpful for keeping the creeper pool in those towers under control and keeping it from spilling over. Going for the quick nullification of that Runner Nest, however, didn't work. I got some things right, and some wrong, on this first attempt. There would be a few more before I got it 'right.

Take 2 - 45:03 video

Same thing, only better. Combination of the runners and the slope did me in though. Just putting more weapons up isn't the anser.

Take 3 - 46:03 video

I decide that I want/need to Terp up platforms for Snipers to deal with the critters. But I soon abandon this attempt, realizing that for defensive purposes I should be laying down protective AC before I worry about Pulse Cannons.

Take 4 - 46:58 video

We'll jump into this attempt a little under a minute in, with connections to the Ore Mines and a trio of always-on Sprayers taking top priority.

Beams, then the side mortars follow. By that time we have a whole lot of stunning going on, so I want to get a-terping.

While building those - a little too far out to really be effective - I notice that the towers have a nice little Nullifier-sized outcropping. Don't mind if I do.

The east tower follows suit, and then a couple of sniper-platforms, max height, one on each flank, is built. I'd like them further forward but this will have to do for now. That hillside is still quite disconcerting, but the sprayers are doing just enough. I figure it's time to place a Forge and get more out of what we're trying to do.

Energy upgrades, one for ore as well, building more reactors occupy my time for a while. Then a Shield steps in to clear room for eliminating the nearest nest. Rarely have I seen a more useful shield situation.

The Digialis is still a pain, but shown here is the power of a SuperBertha trained on that central emitter. That one is by far the strongest, so once it goes down its ... well, it's all downhill from there. Literally.

I had some fun with this situation, mortar in the middle firing in all directions down the mountainsides and sprayers on the pedestals. I spent some more aether to boost ore income here, and gravity worked on our side for a change. Two more towers were cleared soon afterwards, and another success secured.