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Part 15: Ursa

Chapter 14: Ursa

This sounds decidedly bad.

Yep, it's bad. Only two emitters, but they're right by Odin City on a plateau so the creeper's going to come right to us. Definitely have to move -- east has more nanobot upgrades, west has more room. Decisions, decisions.

Doom Timer: 32 seconds.

That's ... fast. Real fast. As in don't hang around or go grab a bite to eat. Dead if you do.

So, east or west? Well I went east, but just to get the upgrades. I think this is the best approach but you can't fiddle around if you're going to do it. I decided I did like the range better than the fire rate(note the Pavo discussion, although this was played well before that). This is one of few cases where it's worth getting move speed though IMO. That's because I've got to fly Odin City back across the map now.

Notice that I'm actually building the Totems while flying over them. I think it might be possible to beat this without fighting at all -- just store enough energy and fly around a bit, filling up the Totems as you get close enough to them. Perhaps one of the better players could inform on this bit of trickery?

By doing this back-and-forth aerial maneuver, I gain upgrades but lose time and have to rebuild a network once I get over to the west. And all the while that Spore clock is tick-tick-ticking away.

I don't have time to build as much as I'd like before getting a few SAM sites going.

They handle the job well, and Blasters are deployed to start dealing with the creeper. The lowlands are a veritable flood plain here; there are no good deep pools to pound with mortars. Four to start until I can expand income.

By the time the next spore salvo arrives, I've made a gradual push 'off-shore' and starting building support structures.

Once nice thing about this map is that it does make it easy to get back on Creeper Island. The north side never completely floods, it just pours off the sides after a certain point. A foothold is just a matter of getting there, so once you are set up, it's not hard at all.

Gradually pushing your way to cap the emitters is routine, and once that's done it's effectively over.

Could have done some things much faster; as noted in the Pavo mission there were some parts at the end where packets were going WAY AROUND the long way, but no big mistakes and I don't think I lost any equipment.

Another leg of the story is about to come to an end. The Rift will soon bring us to Canis.