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Part 202: Indelible

Indelible (10:55)

That's it; we're screwed, man!!

I have no idea why that's odd, but at least we know Danu is Sensors/Science Director or somesuch now.

Plasma appears to be sort of the new 'barrier block wall' thing for PF, only it just slows the enemy down instead of stopping it entirely. Still very useful.

One of these arrows is a bit small, reading "Energy Crystals are caches of instant energy". As you can see we have plenty of hand-holding going on still, including being overtly told to mire every last inch of land we can find to boost energy income.

The yellow in the storage bar is from the energy crystals, which are excellent in boosting startup it appears. Also note the Particulate counts - it's pretty obvious by now red=bad. We have 160 particles on the map already, and the enemy does that Mire thing too. They have 1% mired, we have none so far.

Soon I send a Lathe down to place an Omni in the lower-left, as enemy particles make their way through the plasma barrier protecting us. There's a little more freedom in this map; even with all the instructions I can sort of do things how I please. I freak out a bit about the particulate attacking already, but a handful of particles really isn't a threat to our ships. It takes a significant amount of them to do enough damage to destroy something valuable.

The technology items are pretty well identified. The first one looked ... well, like a lathe, while the one below here that we'll pick up soon also is apparent as to its function.

With that lower corner fully mired, I move our fleet, such as it is, mostly towards this island in the south-central section of the map. There's a bit of enemy mire on it, you can see bits of enemy plasma to the east, and to the north particles have swarmed around another energy source. So we've got some things to do here - placement icons indicate I've already got both available omnis en route to this location.

Zoomed-out view as we get the new energy source up and running. Basically we need to head to the right and terminate a couple of Particle Emitters, both of which have made their home in enemy plasma barriers.

Keeping one lathe in the northwest for defensive purposes, the other three ships move in to the southeast.

The masses of Particulate appear to have certain triggers. Attack the emitter near them, or get super-close, and they swarm. The red plasma itself seems to do the same thing to us that ours does to the particulate ... just slows movement.

There's a little sparking on the Destroyer and Lathe indicating minor damage after the battle; that'll automatically repair itself in time, and we knocked out one emitter.

As we move into the final area, you can see the red plasma weakening at our edge, and much stronger towards the right of it.

It appears some in Ticon Corp's brave new universe don't trust each other.

Hmm. I believe you're a reckless idiot.

They say we destroyed 3 targets and 864 red particles. Technology-gathering, energy crystals, and plasma were demonstrated as well as revealing that the Particulate is more active near the edge of Redacted Space than previously anticipated. It seems a single fragmented transmission isn't enough to teach us everything we needed to know. Who'da thunk?

A rather foreboding title to our next adventure, and if you look closely you'll see a new ship so apparently more technology schematics await us.