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Part 204: Insanity

Insanity (22:04)

Umm ... What's odd? That we are in a system?? That you were able to form a complete and coherent sentence???


I think we need a new Chief Technology Officer.

In between the rest of it, Thoth had some impressively cogent and sensible things to say.

Under the 'start where it's not red' theorem, we'll begin in the lower-left here.

Plenty of energy crystals, new ship schematic, and hey I actually waited to get some storage, then built another lathe. You know, being sensible and all that crap.

I find it amusing that we know what a Cruiser is, but didn't build them before because ... we didn't have a license. Goodness knows that when you are traveling into a dangerous, forbidden part of the galaxy confronting whoknowswhat horrible things, you definitely don't want to build weapons you don't have precise beauracratic permission to.

Lower-right here. That's not good ...

You will do no such thing, you ignorant whelp of a usurper! Our ships will move at the precise moment, and not a second sooner, that I decide!!

* To Fleet: do exactly what Ogun said.

There were a couple of them, and I decided to head upwards first as it was less of a reach from our starting zone. The cannon isn't particularly powerful thankfully, and as soon as the enemy mine went down we started building our replacement.

Then we moved to hit the next one, in the lower-middle. Quite a bit of land here, with a helpful omni to expand our collection of those.

Indeed. They seem to have included lots of land here to ensure energy wouldn't be an issue.

Pushing further to the right, resistance became more considerable.

I don't know if they told me this yet - if they did I forgot - but I discovered that enemy-mired locations can't be built on. Here, the energy source becomes available shortly, as our expanding mire from the omnis seizes the area.

The primary emitter had a full plasma perimeter and a band of particles, but as we've taken down the outlying emitters we've been whittling it down. Here I'm just pushing up the right edge, which has more emitters and plasma.

I realized I wanted to approach our final target from the left, where our operational area was closer to the target. Pathing this close to the enemy wasn't a real good idea though, and our shiny new Cruiser was lost.

Which just meant a minute or so delay building another one. Apparently we have infinite sources of fully-trained manpower, fully rated in operating ships we weren't allowed to build five minutes ago.


I legit LOL'd here.

This may be the most intelligent thing Ticon has said yet.

Down to less than 200 particles at this time, we're able to clear out the remaining resistance with a bit of sustained, focused fire.

Uh ... what 'valuable information'? The Cruiser?? Info Cache seemed particularly . .. not practical. Maybe the idea that the Particulate is learning and adapting? *shrug*

Looks like we a have a new ship type to look forward to. And also ... blue particulate?!?