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by Strategic Sage

Part 23: Grim Conquest, 1-3

Grim Conquest, 1-3

There's spores to deal with at the first planet, but we start on high ground with some medium-to-low spots for the creeper to flow to, and there are a few upgrades.

Mortar bombing runs to the west end of the map ensure creeper levels stay under control.

No aerial threats, but only one upgrade. The main thing here is that we start on low ground.

After relocating Odin City to higher ground, the early fighting centered around clearing the large western plateau with a blaster push. Once that was done, mortars could pound the northwest basin easily.

Five upgrades available, and a sizable pool in the north-northeast to trap the enemy in.

This proves the easiest so far, as we're ready to pound that pool within a few minutes. A quick romp that is over in less than ten minutes.