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by Strategic Sage

Part 24: Grim Conquest, 4-5

Grim Conquest, 4-5

Odin City's on the best high ground available, a full set of upgrades, and lots of low areas. This profiles as another cakewalk.

The spores complicate things a bit, but after using relays to cross a small gap, this mortar is set up to be able to bombard two low areas(including the small one to it's south). That's pretty much the start of pushing the enemy back. Victory comes in 12 minutes here.

This one's a little different. We start off on lower ground and only have half of the upgrades available. There's also limited territory that the creeper can't cover fairly quickly. Not overly difficult, but a little more challengeing than the last few.

Once again mortars play a key part. The one in the west keeps the Creeper from ascending the plateau -- relocating here at the start is well worth it IMO -- and the other keeps hammering away the the large basin to the south. Later on a number of blasters are employed to fight our way across it. A similar time here, a little over 11 minutes.

That was pretty simple, all things considered. Next up, Special Ops has a stiffer challenge in store.