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Part 31: Frigg 1-3

Frigg 1-3

This appears to be all about taking that central plateau. If that can be achieved quickly, this should be a breeze.

Takes three minutes to have a sizable network and a mortar up and running, with more on the way. This was one of the fastest levels I've done, over in 7-plus.

The combination of a couple upgrades and generous Totem placement might make this one even easier.

One mortar is enough to keep things under control in the south while the network expands to the west. From there, grabbing that third totem in the south-west region will be quite routine. The time is nearly identical to the previous mission.

There's more to this one, at least at first glance. No good high ground and Odin City looks like a relocation candidate. Emitters on a variety of elevations to start.

Those factors, in addition to the threat of Spores, allow the Creeper to slow us down much sooner. Having said that, I made a lot of mistakes on this map. Absurdly, it took almost half an hour for me to plod through it when half that time at most would probably have been more fitting. I even resorted to Reactors.