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Part 35: Vidar Conquest, 1-3

Vidar Conquest, 1-3

Doesn't look that special; a large low plain indicates there'll plenty of action for blasters and mostly just a fight for territory. Spores and just a single upgrade.

I didn't realize the main challenge of the level until quite a ways into it. Namely, that four of the five emitters, all on the western edge, are on ridges so small that you can't get a blaster up to them to cap them. The second one down is reachable, but that's the only one. Here I'm just starting to realize how much of a slog this is going to be, but I've got enough infrastructure to handle it. 22 minutes on this, some mistakes were made but it's basically a grind-it-out level no matter how you slice it.

A nice pool to bombard, several upgrades, no spores, and totems aren't too close to emitters. As you can see here I relocated Odin City right away.

I made a rather bad over-building screwup at one point, but the basic idea here was to pound the low points with mortars, and push with the blaster towards the northern emitters. I left the eastern trio alone and snagged the last Totem for a faster completion here in just under 14 minutes.

This one's a little different. It didn't take long to notice that all three Totems are either on or reachable from the high ground in the east. The rest of the map can basically be ignored once this fact is realized.

After occupying the northern plateau fully for maximum energy supply(without reactors, that is, naturally), a relay connecton allows a jump to the southeast where blasters push towards the final totem. A quick 6:19 for this one, really quite easy as long as you don't get distracted.