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Part 44: Day 2: Far York

Day 2: Far York

Varro's being awfully critical of his CO, but I'm even less impressed with our intrepid Commander.

It seems Dax is a man-child of few words today.

In other words, significant hand-holding continues. But I was just promoted yesterday ...

Sounds pretty straightforward. We've got ore, a few beacons, and 10 reactors to get a head start.

A little further down, we find this. Note the ground under the emitter is referred to as 'Decayable Medium'. This means, as I'll soon discover, that the Creeper will 'eat through' this terrain, in a medium amount of time. The cracks in the ground indicate decayable terrain.

I don't overdo it here. Another beacon, a bit of excavation, and a couple Blasters get into the underground cavern and get to work frying Creeper.

I add a third to ensure I can push the enemy back, then place the Nullifier.

I'm then informed I must also conduct a mop-up operation.

This requires placing a couple more beacons to reach it all.

Unfortunately the re-sizing down of the end-mission graph distorts things quite a bit. Anyway, not even enough work here to break a sweat. Dax Joven and the brilliant, loyal crew of his Liberation Ship(only one of a hundred though, so it's not too special) continue to demonstrate spectacular skill in following basic instructions and defeating completely unthreatening enemies. The only way to lose this mission would have been to open the cavern and move the Liberation Ship in(or wait literally hours after excavating for enough Creeper to pile up to flood up to its location).

Undoubtedly the higher-ups are just making sure he's able to tie his own shoelaces.