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Part 73: Bonus 10: Abyss

Bonus 10: Abyss

There's a number of different things here. One is just the sheer lack of room. Then we've got multiple 'bubbles' connected with micro-rifts, and there's the 20x gravity ensuring the creeper presses right down on us. No launchers, but you can see we can get schematics for the conversion bombs and dark beam. Both of those emitters produce 2M, pulsing once every 6 and two-thirds seconds. The density around the force field 'bubbles' starts at almost two million.

** Doom Timer: 6:45

Phantoms and drones will come for us. Eventually. But the urgency in Aliana's instructions really isn't there. So far as I can tell her invisible, completely utter fake-magic forcefields never get weaker or fall apart.

I do some excavating right away to snag some of the artifacts ... but the force fields don't protect everywhere, as I soon find out. Definitely want to keep a barrier against those in the form of terrain. So that's a quick restart.

Getting blasters up(to handle the drones) and coils for the phantoms in each bubble was essential. I also excavated below and set up what reactors I could.

This didn't even occur me during the mission, and this shot isn't in the video. I just made it really quick while doing the writeup. Having the blasters fire at drones early would have been a really, really good idea and saved me a ton of energy.

In terms of trying to attack, I figured my best option was the conversion bombs, and I started throwing them at the lower, higher-density areas. Also turned off some blasters in areas that weren't getting hit by the drones, as shown here.

Everything I converted got destroyed, but even so a significant weakening in the enemy force made itself apparent.

It seemed clear that the way to destroy the enemy was go straight up in the middle, towards the opening by the Gateway. Here I employed a dark beam after having lost a maker and some blasters up in that general direction, but I couldn't sustain the firing.

Eventually just throwing a few makers, blasters, and a microrift up that direction proved successful.

Once the gateway was down it was basically over, since those emitters only pulsed outwards. These two nullifiers eliminated that, and then cleanup.

Along with the normal level achievement, 'Bonusian' and 'Supreme Victory' were awarded as well. Another Creeper World game bites the dust; but there is as yet at least one more thing to do. Anyone else wanting to vote on the poll should do so soon.