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Part 83: Far York

Far York


Another crackpot theory; Lia is going all Battlefield Earth on Skars; we visit various worlds in order to demonstrate the futility of resisting the creeper. Planetary shields, orbital mass drivers, doesn't matter what you try it's all going to fail. Might as well give up now. Why do you continue to resist ...

Also, Lia can rebuild the ship multiple times, but can't retain mortar technology? I'm, shall we say, skeptical of that explanation.

Mortar is in the grey part in the west; shield key in the northeastern crater. This looks a lot like Draco much later in the original game. Mortars + cratered emitters = lots of fun destruction.

So far it looks like these work just like the original game. And as it happens, they look quite similar as well.

It's a bit small, but the 1-10 numbers here between the Menu button and the sound/speed/timer etc. stuff is the terrain meter. At this point it's showing a moderate height of terrain in brown, and no creeper which would naturally be bluish.

I decide to go with four mortars around each crater. In retrospect I think three is plenty, but the game did say 'several'. Again the weapon impacts look much better than when we last saw these things.

I end up with a bit of a deficit after ringing all three craters, so I build a handful of reactors to resolve that problem.

The general approach here was to build relays gradually down further into each crater, moving the mortars forward to clear out successively lower areas. Once close enough, the Nullifiers is deployed.

After doing this two more times on the other crates, we snag the Shield Key and our work here is done.