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Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason

by Khad

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Original Thread: Cryostasis: Making Lazy Russians Do Their Jobs. Also Shooting Zombies in The Dick.

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Let's Play Penumbra Cryostasis!

Another LP that has already been done Khad? AGAIN?
Hey, this time you guys told me to do it so I am not taking the blame. Also, it looks pretty neat and hopefully my computer can keep up and we won't run into some crippling awful problems preventing me from finishing this LP. Then again, I am not new to technical problems as some of you may know and I am sure we will find a way. For reference, this game has been LP'd before by Blister and that can be found here. I believe the approach he took was to use subtitles at the bottom. Some may argue that this is a far better way to do a horror LP, however I have my reasons for forcing all of you to listen to my obnoxious nasly voice. For starters, you don't have to read text when you should be looking at the action going on. Secondly, I am a dick.

I don't know if this game had any expansions or sequels so this may be a short LP in comparison to my previous two. Then again, I take a long ass time to play video games so what should be a 20 episode LP may very well turn into a 40 episode one. Time will only tell!

What the hell is going on in this game?
Again I have no idea! This, like a lot of my LP's, is a blind run. Specifically, this is a blind run of a horror game which you folks seem to like to see me do. Unlike my previous lp,
the Penumbra trilogy, I don't think there is a lot of puzzle solving (at least physics or inventory based anyhow). This game seems to be more of a bioschock-esque (new word folks) video game where you run around shooting zombies and shit. Again, this is only an assumption I am making as someone who has never played or heard of this game and I am purely making this assumption on screenshots that I have seen as well as the first 20 or so minutes of gameplay that I have experienced while recording the first episode.

How is this shit structured?
Ideally, I will try to make each episode from 20 to 30 minutes in length as any more time listening to my voice in one sitting may drive people insane. Unlike Penumbra, Cryostasis actually allows you to save whenever the hell you want. I will try to not abuse this (like save states) as it may take away from the quality of the LP. If (more like when) I die, I will simply edit out any redundant footage and jump back to where I died previously.

Anything else?
Like any game I do blind, I urge all of you to keep any knowledge you have of the game in spoiler tags. Of course you will all just make fun of me in these tags instead but that is the price I must pay. Episode List

EPISODE 1 -- Right Hook -- 26:07 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 2 -- Gone Boatin' -- 21:57 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 3 -- Underwater Shenanigans! -- 13:53 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 4 -- Janie's Got a Gun -- 25:22 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 5 -- Welding -- 21:41 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 6 -- Mutiny Perhaps? -- 19:39 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 7 -- Arachnophobia -- 27:28 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 8 -- Meltdown -- 19:53 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 9 -- Dangerous Working Conditions -- 22:47 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 10 -- Going Around in Circles -- 17:48 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 11 -- Story Story Story -- 17:07 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 12 -- Shit Gets Trippy -- 18:56 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 13 -- Frostbite -- 20:38 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 14 -- More Moth Men -- 20:36 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 15 -- A Cow's Life -- 20:19 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 16 -- This Game... -- 18:15 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 17 -- Holy Shit! An Update! -- 11:51 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 18 -- Luxury -- 19:33 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 19 -- Warming Up -- 24:45 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 20 -- ...What? -- 31:09 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

EPISODE 21 -- All Good Things End -- 26:17 -- BLIP TV LINK -- VIDDLER LINK

Fan Art and Extras

Roshin chopped my dog's head off and made this:

IHatePancakes explains how to beat this game:

Clearly, silentbrains works construction for a living:

P.M.F. has tunnel vision:

Grapplejack is two LP's too late:

themightycaribou worked extra hard on this:

Click here for the full 772x429 image.

CrackSpider is fighting for the other team:

silentbrains can draw holy shit:

themaskedugley has bad taste:

silentbrains upgrades my dog:

themightycaribou made uh... I don't know what the fuck is going on here:

Click here for the full 624x605 image.

silentbrains is awesome:

Kuno redesigned my dog... and gave him a tie!

Click here for the full 800x600 image.

CrackSpider made it so I can't ever yell at Crosby for whining again.

silentbrains continues to make incredible art:

rydiafan makes movies...

And Albino Jerk edits them:

silentbrains is brilliant!
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