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Part 1: Marsh

John, we didn't even get past the first part of level one and already had to patch.

Because you're both bitches.

Well, no, because the game crashed 50% of the time when we tried to load the next part of the map

So? It was only 50% of the time. You should have dealt with it.

You really don't get this whole "game design" thing, do you?

My game is so advanced that it uses special technology to detect that you and Suspicious are a couple of bitches and shouldn't be playing my game.

Really now? So who's not a bitch?

Me. And Thresh. That's about it.'m speechless here.

As most people are when confronted with my genius.

OK, what's with all of the green?

Well, when developing this game, I didn't want to make the same mistake as we made with Quake, which was far too brown. So we wanted to brighten up the maps.

So basically what you're saying is that you replaced the overwhelmingly dull brownness of Quake with overwhelmingly eye-searing green for Daikatana.


And you don't see anything wrong with that?

I actually can't see much of anything anymore. The doctor said something about cornea trauma. But Stevie assured me it looks good.

Marsh Intro (Google)
Marsh (Google)

(if there's any feedback to things we could do better, other than play a game that doesn't suck cock, let us know. This is the only level that's pre-recorded since I wanted to wait for thread feedback before continuing on with the videos.)