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Part 2: Sewers

You do know we couldn't even get past the first room without noclip, right?

I'm going to just assume this is because you suck.

No, John, I think this is because you su...

Don't even finish that sentence.

Or what?

Or I will make you my bitch. You don't think all of those prison levels coming up were an accident, do you? I've watched Oz. I know how things work in jail.

I'd like to send you to jail, you fucking crime against humanity

What was that?

Nothing. So what was the reason for not including cutscenes in multiplayer?

We couldn't figure out how to...I mean, we couldn't figure out how to do it in an AWESOME IN YOUR FACE way. And since this game is AWESOME and IN YOUR FACE, we figured we just shouldn't include it.

The readme says that this game was meant to be played in single-player first, then co-op later

er........yeah! That's right!

Is it possible that you assumed that just because everyone hated you, nobody who played this atrocity would have any friends either, and therefore you wouldn't have to worry about it?

I plead the fifth.

Sewers Intro (Google)
Sewers (Google)
Sewers Outro (Google)

(I apologize for this video. Oh god, do I apologize for this video. But in self-defense, it's John Romero who should be apologizing for this video.)

I apologize for nothing. Suck it down.