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Part 12: Athens

thedaian posted:

So, to be on topic: When are planning the next update, Proteus?

So John, what's goin...........whoa.

Alright, you bitches! I'm back!

You look........different.

A different look for a different John Romero! I haven't quite been myself lately.

What do you mean, you got smarter?

Ahahahahaha, FUCK YOU. No, what I mean is that I've been kinda down in the dumps lately about the kind of reception that this thread has gotten.

It's gotten a great reception. The people reading this thread have been wonderful.

Maybe from your point of view, but how do you think it makes me feel when everyone tells me that the vision that you worked your whole life to achieve is a piece of shit and how awful they think it is?

Huh. I'd imagine that would kinda suck, yeah.

But I'm done taking your shit and taking everyone else's shit. I'm a new man. With a new haircut.

It's quite dapper.

Shut up, you homo.

er.....OK. So what sparked the new attitude? People still think your game sucks, you know.

Easy, I've decided that everyone reading this thread is a retard. No, strike that. Everyone who has ever said a bad word about Daikatana is a retard.

So does this include your own employees who called your game........hold on, let me find it.

ChuckMaster posted:

I talked with one of the Ion Stormers who worked on Anarchronox before the release. He said that Diakatana is a gangrenous limb that the company needed to hack off. God was he right.

Fuck him.

So basically, your answer is to tell anyone who doesn't agree with your inflated self opinion of the game to fuc-

Fuck you.

Gotcha. So tell us a little bit about the Ancient Greece maps. What's up with the spiders?

I saw a television documentary about how giant spiders were overrunning Ancient Greece, and it inspired me to create this level.

A TV documentary?

I don't know. Maybe it was a Twilight Zone episode. Point is, it's fucking sweet.

I don't know if that's what I'd cal-

Your opinion doesn't matter. Mine does. Would you even be playing this game if I hadn't created it?

I guess that's actually a valid point. In a way.

God damn right. So suck it down, bitch.




Athens Intro (Google)
Athens (Google)
Athens Outro (Google)


(This update is dedicated to BrainWeasel and the completely accurate post he/she/it/meat product made in the Harsh Criticism thread)

(Next recording is tomorrow night. Wugga is tentatively scheduled to tag along, but if that falls through, feel free to volunteer. Remember, we still have 12 more maps to do after that, so there'll be plenty of opportunity for anyone who wants to come along to come along. Also, I am getting better with the Daikatana, I swear.)