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Part 13: Acropolis

Why does every weapon hurt me?

Because you suck. And because Daikatana is an ex-

Yeah, expert FPS. We're all well aware.

So why are you asking me stupid questions?

Because an expert FPS shouldn't need weapons that hurt you to add difficulty. We've seen 12 weapons so far, and you can kill yourself with eight of them. Nine if you include the discus, which we're not sure about.

What's your point?

My point is that this is FUCKING STUPID, John!

You are such a baby. Would you like me to explain the weapons to you?

My god, yes. Yes I would.

Well fuck you, buddy. I don't owe you shit.


Plus, I heard the way you talked to me in this video.

How? It's not even posted yet.

Never you mind about that. The point is that you can't talk to me the way you did and still expect to get answers from me.

So what can I expect to get from you?

Pure sexiness. Because I exude it from every pore of my body. Look at this face. Look at this hair. How could you resist? I remember once, when I first laid eyes on Stevie, I went up to her and said-

Let's just end this here. This could go on for hours, trust me.

Acropolis - Part 1 (Google)
Acropolis - Part 2 (Google)
Acropolis - Part 3 (Google)
Acropolis Outro (Google)


(Holy Christ, this mission is long. The parts are 23, 20, and around 15 minutes respectively. The Outro is, as usual, about 45 seconds. Also, as of posting this, Part 3 is giving an error, but I figure Google is still processing it even though it says it's done, so it should be up by the time anyone gets to it. If it's not up by later tonight, let me know and I'll reupload it.

Also, remember, deathmatch tomorrow night!)