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Part 14: Lair of Medusa

Hey John, guess what time it is!

Time for you to kiss my ass?

No! Time for questions!

Nobody has submitted any.

You can still comment on some of the questions raised in the thread.

Like what?

Like why the first person to connect is always Mikiko in co-op, as opposed to selecting it beforehand.

Oh, that's simple. I figured everyone would want to be Superfly, so I had to force people to be Mikiko.

So you assumed not only that everyone would want a racist caracature in their game, but that everyone would want to be him too?

Racist caracature nothing. Superfly is a tribute to the African-American community.

What? He's a big strong black man who has a supremely racist name and only cares about gettin' dat lewt.

Right. And isn't that what the black community is all about?

You're unbelievable, John.

You don't have to tell me that. I know that already.

Lair of Medusa Intro (Google)
Lair of Medusa (Google)
Lair of Medusa Outro (Google)


(I apologize for my frustration in this video. Now that I know it's unwarrented, I'll stop trying to rush. Enjoy the new bug we found.

Also, deathmatch tonight at 8. I'll be in Vent around 7:30, so just look for me in there and join whatever room I'm in. I'll probably have my sound off until 8, though.)