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Part 15: Suspicious' Medusa Run

LordMune posted:

I want to see just how terrible Episode 3 is.

Well, tough shit.

Some surplus single-player spectacular special sex from Suspicious!

How long did it take you to come up with that?

Too fucking long.

So what's up? No smart-ass remarks? No disparaging comments about my design or AI or whatever?

Actually, no. Because I haven't watched this video yet.

Hah! No smartass remarks from you this time! Good, this is my time and I'm going to make the most of it.


Fuck you, John Carmack.

What is your deal with him? I thought the breakup from id was amiable.

Amiable my ass. Carmack sabotaged my career and ruined my life.

This is either overreaction or the beginning of an E/N post.

I'm dead serious here. He ratted me out to the gaming press and spread rumors to the point where I was forced to start my own company!

Do you have any proof of this?

Yeah, he even comes into my thread and starts badmouthing me and spreading rumors. When will the stalking by that man cease?


Plus, he stole all of my good ideas while I was at id and claimed they were his own.

What good ideas? If I'm not mistaken, you basically rode his coattails, using his technology to put yourself in the spotlight.

Hey, fuck you. But even if that was true, where would he be without my charisma and style and grace and sexiness and awesomeness and badassery and-

John, you realize you're basically making up words, right?

When the English language doesn't have words to describe you, sometimes you have to make something up to get the point across.

......sigh, let's get on to the video.

Fuck you, Carmack, you useless cocksucker!

Note to self, never let John have the floor again.

Suspicious' Single-Player Lair of Medusa Run (Google)

(Like I said, I haven't watched this yet (I really wanted to get something up ASAP so I put it up as soon as I got home from work. I'll watch it tonight), but I'm sure there will be more classic Mikiko/Superfly retardation.)