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Part 17: Plague Village Intro

Alright, coming up next is the fir-

Can I introduce this level? Please?

I'm not entirely sure that's such a great idea.

Oh, come on. This is my favorite level. I'll do a good job, I promise. I won't even badmouth Carmack.


The following is a tribute to one of my favorite eras. As my many fans know, I'm a metalhead, so I figured there would be no better tribute to my love of heavy metal than to do a map that took place in Norway, around 560 AD. Vikings have always been history's badasses, and I wanted to do a themed era around a period of history that I'd studied since I was a child.

Wow, that's actually pretty informative.

Plus, there is a large community of Linux geeks who follow id's work, so I was paying a sort of tribute to the good people of Scandinavia, who have done a lot of work for free to build an operating system that works based on the good will and effort of the people.

Jesus, that's almost admirable.

It was also the time of the end of the Norwegian Bronze Age, which was a period of great innovation and development in Scandinavia, which in turn led to developments that the people of those countries see in their culture even today, such as their artwork and their vast trading empire.

So without further ado, I present to you the first map of Episode 3:

Plague Village I guess I've underestimated you. You CAN be professional!

Damn right.