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Part 18: Plague Village



John, you fucking cocksucker! You rickrolled my fucking thread! You better get out here right now!


That shit's NOT FUCKING FUNNY! God damn it.

Oh, calm down. You're just upset because I made this entire forum my bitch.

No, I'm actually upset because you made me look like an asshole.

I think what you mean is that I got you. I got you good. SUCK IT DOWN!

....I can't deny that's part of it too.

You and the rest of these cocksuckers have been making fun of my game for two episodes now. You think you didn't deserve that?

Well, I, wait, what am I saying? Eat a dick, John.

Was anything you even said in that update true?

Besides the stuff I copied off of Wikipedia? No. In fact, the stuff from Wikipedia might not be true either. I'm not sure.

So do you have anything actually legitimate to say about this upcoming episode?

Not really. Unless you want me to link another video.

Fuck you, John. Fuck you so fucking much.

Intermission (What in the hell?)

Plague Village Intro (Google)
Plague Village (Google)
Plague Village Outro (Google)


(the sound is a bit loud in this one. I had to turn up the sound because Wugga was quiet. Also, pardon the letterbox at the bottom for all of one four second caption. This was a rush job before work this morning and I was stupid and erased the original before checking the video. So technically, most of the shittiness of this video falls on my shoulders and not John's, for once.)