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Part 20: Dungeon

Proteus! Proteus! Heeeeeeeeey Proteus!

God damn it, what? It's fucking Saturday. Leave me alone.

Not today, bucky!

What do you want, you obnoxious fuck?

Oh, a certain Finnish buddy of yours sent me something.

..............uh oh.

Yeah, that's right.

Proteus4994 posted:

I have to say, beyond the E1 love that I think anyone who DMed Quake excessively automatically has (E1 maps were always FAR more popular in DM than anything else), E2 was probably my favorite from a design and layout standpoint. Especially E2M1, which is one of my favorite maps in Quake.

It's ironic that it happens to be a John Romero episode.

This has been a bad week for making good decisions for me.

You luv me!

Shut up.


Stay away, Proteus! You might try to make out with me since you love me so much! Ahahahahahahahaha.

Let's just get on to the fucking video.

Dungeon Intro (Google)
Dungeon (Google)

(This is a bad map. A really really bad map. Like I said earlier, one of the worst since E1, in my opinion.

Anyway, this is my last pre-recorded update. I tried to space this update out, but there's a good chance I won't get another one posted until Tuesday or so depending on whether I can salvage the shit off of my hard drive or not. I'm going to a friend's house on Sunday to see if there's anything we can do to fix it, but if not, we'll have to replay what we've done so far, and I'll try to get the Daikatana levelled back up too.

Also, Suspicious' mic is a bit loud in this video too. The problem is that I forgot to reset the Skype volume and I really can't tell how loud he is on my end until I play the video back. That being said, it's not unbearable or anything.

Edit: I also said "this game is better than Hexen 2" at one point in the video. I meant it the other way around. There is no expansion to Daikatana. Don't get your hopes up.)