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Part 25: Alcatraz

John, you got some shit to answer here.

So you think.

So I know. We've been provided with some choice quotes.

Bring it on.

GetWellGamers posted:

GQ called him "the Quentin Tarantino of computer game megaviolence," while Time says he "wears the mantle of pop-culture godhood with aplomb." He drives a yellow ferrari testarossa modified with a nitrous system to growl at a frightening 800hp.

The Quentin Terantino of computer game megaviolence?

You don't know how much it cost me to convince them to print that about me.

I bet it didn't cost as much as your Ferrari Testarossa.

Nah, not quite that much.

What are you driving now?

Not telling.

Fine. Let me guess. A Miata.

How'd you kn........I mean, no. I'm driving a Porsche.

I bet you are. Let's move on.

John Romero posted:

And, of course, it has to look good. I mean, everybody is expecting Forsaken-type flare effects, and alpha-blended this, that, and the other. And that has its costs, too.

Costs like $30,000,000?

Perfection doesn't come cheap.

Daikatana is far from perfect.

And you're far from an expert FPSer. Next question.

John Romero posted:

Yeah, definitely. I'm always thinking about what we can do next. I have cool ideas for what I want to do with the single-player genre. You know, I still love the shooter. I still love going and destroying shit into pieces. But how can we do that in a cooler way?

I take it you never found out the answer to that question.

Fuck you. Daikatana was innovative.

You know what? I'll give you that one. It is innovative. It's not good, or bug-free, or logical, or fun, but it is fairly innovative.

I accept your apology.

John Romero posted:

I have an idea for having a replayable single-player game where you finish it and then you play it again to see how it's gonna change. For it to work, you need to have multiple starting points within the story-- different levels, basically-- and different story paths that the player can choose to go through. You;d have to have a ton of levels-- 50, minimum.

So your idea was to combine an FPS with a hentai game.

Only you would think of it that way.

No, only you and me would think of it that way.

What can I say? I love me some cartoon titties.

We'll discuss this in greater detail later. Your interview, that is. Not cartoon titties.

Either topic is fine with me.

Alcatraz Intro


(If you still want to do guest commentary with me, this video may change your mind. Also, welcome to episode 4!

Also, this thread is dangerously close to losing its crap rating. )