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Part 24: Suspicious' Gharroth's Throne Run

OK, instead of talking to John for this update, I decided to share with you guys a very special treat. I haven't actually seen the intro for the first map of episode 4 yet, but I found a script online from the beta version. Apparently John wrote this cutscene.

Daikatana Script posted:

E4M1 Intro: by John Romero

Hiro: Where are we now?

Superfly: Yo dawg, I know dis place, G!


Hiro: Mikiko! What's wrong?

Mikiko: I think I have cramps. You know how us women are. Always cramping and stuff.

Hiro: Ain't that the truth.

Superfly: Bitches ain't shit but hos and tricks, nigga.

Hiro: So where are we, Superfly?

Superfly: Yo homeslice, we be in jail, foo.

Hiro: How do you know?

Superfly: I spent a lot of time in here. You know how us black people are, always stealing TVs and cars.

Hiro: Black people are criminals, am I right?

Mikiko: And sassy. >KOFF KOFF KOFF<

Superfly: Dis ain't no motherfuckin' normal jail, foo. Dis be Alcatraz and shit.


Superfly: Check yo self befo yo wreck yoself.

Hiro: Let's keep going.

I can't figure out why it got cut.

Suspicious' single player runthrough of Gharroth's Throne