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Part 23: Gharroth's Throne

OK, last map of the episode. Time for questions.

Bring it, sucka.

You got it. Let's talk about your "guide".

exmus posted:

"Episode One, Kyoto, Japan, 2455 C.E.
Many of the massive robots, though deadly, are quite slow. Stay on the move to avoid the crushing robotic fists of the RageMaster. If you can circle strafe quickly enough, the Disruptor Glove packs quite a tough electric punch and will shatter most robots with a few hits.

Weapon Notes:
The Ion Blaster is a great distance weapon, but discharges in water for extra damage. If you plan on using it in the Marsh or other watery areas, make sure you are on the bank! Anytime you jump into liquid, switch to another weapon to avoid self-inflicted bodily harm.


Great name, isn't it? It came to me in a dream. I envisioned a robot that was really angry. In fact, it was the most sophisticated angry robot ever made. Thus was born the Ragemaster.

That's fucking stupid. What's this about the Ion Blaster being a great distance weapon?

Well, it is.


Expert FPS. We've been over this. Suck less, n00b.

OK, fine. Next....

exmus posted:

Episode Two, Ancient Greece, 1200 B.C.E.
Your chances are always better one-on-one, so slash them to pieces as you find them. Use the rocky landscape to your advantage. If you're being chased, run backwards, firing at them.

Weapon Notes:
Though a single discus serves as another basic melee weapon, it can be built into a rather deadly tool. You cannot throw a discus again until it has retunred to your hands. Collect as many discuses as possible for a more potent, rapid-fire device.

Of course your chances are better one-on-one. This is Gamepro-level of help here.

Well, this guide was written for people who aren't experts enjoy my great game. I especially enjoyed the running backwards tip.

Anyone who has ever deathmatched knows that. It's one of the first fucking things you learn.

Yeah, well, not everyone is an expert deathmatcher.

You got beaten by a girl, dude.

A girl with big tits.

Fake, but I'll give you that one. I wasn't aware that the discus was a melee weapon.

If you throw it at a melee monster when it's in range, it takes less time to get back to your hands!

But that doesn't make it a mele...never mind.

exmus posted:

Episode Three, Dark Ages, Norway, 560 C.E.
Rotworms attack with poisonous spit and Fletchers with bow and arrow.

Wyndrax the Wizard will unleash his magical wisps as Stavros the Sorcerer summons meteors from the nether dimensions. Two of the creatures in this era must be gibbed once killed, or else they will return to life and attack again. The rotting Buboid is one of these creatures. Gib his corpse with any weapon. Be careful not to turn your back; the Buboid can melt into the ground and reappear nearby. To rid yourself of the Lycanthir permanently, it must also be gibbed, but only with the dreaded Silverclaw.

Weapon Notes:
The Ballista is a powerful weapon against all foes. Use it to pin your target to the nearest wall. The now-immobilized organism has little chance against your ranged attacks while trapped. It can also be used to perform a "Ballista Jump." To execute, run forward, look down, fire the Ballista and jump at the same time to sail high above the ground.


Yeah. Learn some fucking history, idiot.

But Fletchers MAKE bows and arrows. They're not necessarily archers.

These are.

Whatever. Why did you give us the badass Daikatana and then not make it able to kill Ly....Lyc.....whatever?

Because the Daikatana isn't silver.

But it can travel through fucking time and you're telling me it can't kill a werewolf?


Same thing.

No it's........OK, fine. It's the same thing.

At least you admitted that much. I do like the way you define "Ballista jump" as if it's something special. It's a fucking rocket jump.

Can't you fucking read? It's a Ballista jump.

So what's the difference between that and a rocket jump?

Rockets are actually a good weapon.


Gharroth's Throne Intro (Google)
Gharroth's Throne (Google)
Gharroth's Throne Outro (Google)

(Deathmatch tomorrow night. I'll repost the info tomorrow so you guys don't have to go scrolling back for it. Also, me and Suspicious will probably record sometime Sunday. As usual, send me a message on Skype if you want to play along. Anyone is invited, but anyone who hasn't done a video with us before gets preference.

Edit: Also, because I defended him in the Harsh Criticism thread and I honestly like the thread, I'd like to ask my legions* of fans to go check out Stabbey and Next Tangent's Jedi Academy thread. It started out slow, but there are some really great parts, and the lightsaber battling is really awesome, especially compared to this limp-wristed Daikatana swinging bullshit.

*I define "legion" as "five or six people". It gets me through the day)