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Part 27: Tower of Crime

One last time.

John Romero posted:

The other big difference is working with people that have not worked on 3D games before.

Why in the hell would you do this?

Why not?

Because there's plenty of people out there who would love to work in the industry. They'd probably be easier to train than someone who's going to give you an arrow graphic that's 3200x2400.

The thing is that we didn't have time to train people from scratch.

What? Didn't have time? You've gotta be kidding me!

OK, what I meant to say was that I didn't have time. I mean, between having sex with Stevie, changing things at the last moment, and posing for pictures for interviews, how do you think I was supposed to find time to train people on how to model arrows?

Which do you think was more important, John?

Obviously keeping my superstar status up. I mean, Daikatana was only going to sell because *THE* John Romero made it.

Funny how that ended up working out.

John Romero posted:

When you have people leave, it takes time to get new people up to speed. But in actual fact, the people that did leave weren't woking hard anyway, and now we have people that are really keen. Those that stayed have been amazed at the progress we've made in the past few months, though, and there's none of the negativity that we've had before.

See? Like I said, I didn't have time to get those new chumps up to speed. Live fast, die hard!

But you claim the original team wasn't working hard?


But in reality, didn't they leave because they didn't see the project going anywhere due to constant changes in the design specifications, which was something you were responsible for?

Maybe, but that just goes to show that they weren't team players.

And what team would that be?

John Romero's All-Stars. Sponsored by Chico's Bail Bonds.

Bad News Bears reference. I like it.

Bad News what now?

........never mind.

John Romero posted:

We wanted to make sure that people knew Ion Storm-- we haven't tried to push me. The press has always been asking to talk to me and take pictures. They're interested in it. The games industry is asking for me, and obviously I'm not gonna say, "No! Stay away!" The higher up you are, the more people are likely to want to take you down. It doesn't matter if you're the most noble, saintly person on the planet. The fact is that people are gonna hate you more than anything.

John, did you just compare yourself to Mother Teresa?

Not directly, no.

The implication was there.

I can't say I wasn't thinking that at the time, no.

So you're comparing a nun who spent her whole life in the gutters of Calcutta dealing with lepers to your failed attempt at making a relatively decent game given $30 million and 3 years?

Look, I'm not saying I'm JUST like Mother Teresa.

Thank God.

I mean, I have better hair. And my own game room.

Just out of curiousity, wouldn't "People are going to hate me more than anything" have been a better quote?

Actually, it would have.

Well, let's close this conversation out on something we agree on. Even though it's clearly for different reasons.

God, I'm so great.

Tower of Crime Intro (Filefront)
Tower of Crime (Filefront)


(Maps 20 and 21 should be added to the OP soon. I have to reupload map 20. Sorry I've fallen behind on the updates. I promise I'll put up map 22 tomorrow.)

Edit: vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Three more maps. The next one is recorded already (and fairly long and awful), and then the last two we'll get done eventually.