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Part 28: Mishima Labs

GUI posted:

Seems like the Mishima Labs video is up on Google Mishima Labs and Outro

Well, looks like Google unfucked itself, so here's the official update.

How do you do it, John?

I doubt you'd understand no matter what you're referring to, but what now?

You still manage to amaze me even three maps from the end of the game.

It's an amazing game.

No, you're not getting it here. Mishima Labs is probably Daikatana in a nutshell. And not in a good way.

What could you possibly mean not in a good way? There is nothing bad about Daikatana. Except for that N64 port, but that wasn't my fault. They ignored my creati-

I'm talking about the whole level. Stupidly long, pointless backtracking, colored keys, stupid puzzles, environmental damage, overpowered enemies, and the introduction of a sixth weapon that kills you better than anything we've seen since the Shockwave.

Oh, that's what you mean. Yeah, it is just like Daikatana. Full of great design decisions that work perfectly in an expert FPS.

.......I'm speechless here. You're unbelievable.

Speechless at my brilliance or the majesty of Mishima Labs?

A little bit of both, to be honest.

Mishima Labs
Mishima Labs Outro

Captain Novolin

(Not only do we have a level that symbolizes Daikatana's play, but then we have a cutscene that symbolizes Daikatana's retarded ass storyline and racial stereotypes. It's just unbelievable. A true microcosm. I'm still rather stunned.

Also, I think we'll probably need to record the next level. I forget who I said could come along, but if they can't do it, the slot is open.)