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Part 5: Processing

Three years.

Perfection doesn't come easy. Or fast.

Perfection? This game is like the anti-perfect!

Because I wasn't given enough time, stupid.

What!??!?! You had THREE FUCKING YEARS! Dude, you spent longer than anyone except Tom Hall working on your project, and yet it's easily the worst game put out by Ion Storm!

Hey, that's not true at all. There were worse games than mine!

Name one. I beg of you, just name one.


Even if I agreed with that, which I don't, it wasn't even an Ion Storm game. It was a game you guys bought to turn a quick profit that ended up getting bogged down in the same quagmire that everything did in that god-forsaken company.

Fine. How about.......Deus Ex?

Whispering it isn't going to make you saying that Daikatana is a better game than Deus Ex any less ridiculous, John. You're just pissed at Warren Spector, aren't you?

That's ludicrious! Why would I be jealous of Warren?

Perhaps because System Shock manages to be a better game than Daikatana despite coming out six years earlier?

..........I'm not talking to you anymore.

Processing (Google)
Processing Outro (Google)

(This level and the next one are shorter. You might not be happy about that, but I certainly am)


Yuppie Scum posted:

Proteus, are you going to work on leveling the Daikatana to its full, screen-blocking glory, or continue to focus on ranged weapons?

As suicidal as I am, I can't think of any other better way to repeatedly kill myself than to level up the Daikatana, so probably. I won't use it all the time, but I'll probably use it fairly frequently.