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Part 4: Crematorium

I've been noticing some problems with the AI. It appears that some of the enemies who should be shooting-

Wait, the what now? AI?

Yeah, the artificial intelligence. It seems to be off in some parts and I was wondering-

I'm not following you here. Artificial whozzit?

...artificial intelligence. You know? The field of game design that causes enemies to actually make intelligent decisions and not just chase blindly after you? Or in this case, in random directions?

Hahahahahaha, that's a good one! What, did you read that in a sci-fi book? Sounds like something Carmack would have come up with for a D&D campaign. Hahahahaha, artificial intelligence! That's a good one!

Um, John, it's not imaginary. It actually exists. It's a pretty widely recognized field of study. Even back when Daikatana was made, there had been great strides in the gaming field with Half-Life and some bot innovations for Quake.

Whatever. If something like that existed, I would have heard about it.

So the thought that Superfly and Mikiko were constantly running into walls and randomly deciding to shoot whenever the hell they felt like it never seemed odd to you? Like it might negatively affect gameplay?

Nah, we balanced it out by not having the enemies know where they were going and not shoot half of the time too.

...Jesus Christ.

Crematorium Intro (Google)
Crematorium (Google)

(no outro here, nor an intro for the next level. Also, for those of you who are liking how fucking buggy this game is, there's two nice ones in this level. One required a restart, the other actually made the level EASIER.)

Edit: And yeah, I know I said I'd cut down anything over 30 minutes, but I guestimated how long this video would be and was off a little bit, and by that time, I figured fuck it.